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Paying By Credit Card

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granny grump | 20:30 Thu 09th Nov 2023 | Business & Finance
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We have had a quote for some building work. Bit wary so want to pay by credit card. Builder says he doesn't have that facility. Should I be worried?



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It does add a level of insecurity against poor work.  Can you negotiate part payment (e.g. materials), remainder on satisfactory completion (a ploy I have used which the builder was quite happy with)?

Hello Gran. 

As far as I know, anyone can use an app to take a card payment. Google Pay is another way, or the Apple equivalent.

It certainly doesn't mean he's dodgy of course. Much more likely is that he wants cash (possibly for the usual reasons.)

I can't remember the last time I saw a cheque. You don't want to be going around with a wedge of cash in your pocket. Ask him outright how he wants to be paid and go by your 'gut instinct.'  No decent tradesman would lose the job over this.

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Thank you Canary an The Builder. I may be a bit suspicious- watch too many consumers credit programmes.  His quote is half if the lowest quote give  by various companies on line and he can do it tomorrow at 12. My gut instinct is to do some more resesrch

are you in a position to ask his previous customers whether they liked his work?

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Having difficulty finding any jno

As far as I know you can use Google Pay or Apple to pay with your credit card, waving it over a credit card terminal, but you can't accept credit card payments via Google Pay or Apple.

I'd be happy to learn that I'm wrong

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He has set up a mobile banking card reader do I will have credit card protection 

That's good, granny.  You will have s.75 protection but it will cost him to accept payments.

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Paying By Credit Card

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