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Council Tenant Rent

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smurfchops | 19:06 Wed 22nd Nov 2023 | Business & Finance
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Do private leasing council tenants pay a landlord less rent monthly,  than an ordinary non-council tenant through an estate agent? 



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How can someone be a private leasing council tenant ?

Councils rent privately owned homes to sublet to either people on the housing waiting list or for emergency housing.

This is necessary due to the dire shortage of council housing in many areas.

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A private landlord Can rent his property out through the local council, I just wondered if they would get the same rent as in the private sector. 

Smurf, I suspect the landlord might get more but at least they are guaranteed to get the rent as the council pays them.

As I understand it the tenant pays the council rent based on the cost of an equivalent council owned property.  The council pays the landlord, making up any deficit

A friend of mine has rented a house out to a council for about 15 years now. They give him an annual rent and he has nothing to do with the rent that the council charge the tenants. He would likely get more on the open market, but he gets none of the hassle that goes with it.

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Council Tenant Rent

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