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If Someone Has An Nhs Final Salary Pension But Dies Before They Start Drawing It, Does The Pension Die With Them?

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dave50 | 15:27 Mon 11th Dec 2023 | Business & Finance
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Or can their husband or wife continue to draw some or all of it? Or is it not transferable?



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I think you are given the opportunity to set up a death benefit named person . 

Probably need to look at the paperwork to see who, if anyone, can continue to benefit.

Contact the NHS pensions team, it depends on what was set up at the time but a survivor pension would normally be paid to a spouse or civil partner if the relationship was formalised during the employees service.   Not guaranteed  it had to be assigned if I remember the rules.

Redhelen is right.. but it has to be notified before the event ie the person whose pension it is, has to nominate the recipient.

No - they die in benefit and the conditions are defined

rowan is correct - there are at least two schemes dovetailled and at least part can be assigned.

the widow or assignee ( or widower) also benefits from  the life insurance element

A lump sum of twice your relevant earnings in the last 12 months or revalued relevant earnings in one of the last 10 years (if higher) is payable directly to your widow/widower/civil partner/nominated partner in the event of your death whilst still contributing to the NHS pension scheme.

more than you ever want to know - here,to%20the%20NHS%20pension%20scheme.

I think it unlikely that a person has to be named to be the recipient, otherwise no pension is paid.


Of the pension schemes I have been a member of, the reason for an ‘expression of wish form’ to be completed is that the trustees of the scheme are then aware of whom you would like the money to be paid to, in the event of your death.  But they are not bound by this; if you requested it to go to Battersea Dogs Home, it is highly likely any surviving spouse would successfully challenge this (IMHO).

Hi, me !

it is one of things that can fall outside a will, but you have to make it do that.

otherwise it goes into the estate.

The NHS has a whole section on this NHS Pensions and there is a door step of documents. ABer knowledgeable as they obviously are, and AB is not really the venue etc

I agree with Hymie.  All the schemes I've known have included a widow's/widower's benefits (subject to some rules/limitations like got to be dependent on the other or not a 67 year old man marrying a 18 year old girl). It just makes things so much easier if the trustees don't have to try to trace the husband/wife or other beneficiary like a lifepartner,  civil partner or dependent child 

chrissakes - I know no one reads or listens to me...

but I am ON an NHS pension, and assigned it outside my will and one of my colleagues died in service....Jesus

Question Author

Thank you all.

Then, if I was running the NHS pension scheme, I just shred all the details of nominated persons such that no death benefits were paid by the scheme.

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If Someone Has An Nhs Final Salary Pension But Dies Before They Start Drawing It, Does The Pension Die With Them?

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