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What Shall I Do?

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abbeylee90 | 14:31 Mon 04th Mar 2024 | Business & Finance
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So I been invited for an interview this late afternoon and they said possibly start tomorrow if all OK. What shall I do?



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What job is it and is it full time?  If only another part time then not worth losing your laundry job over.

Abbey, it would help to know what the job is? If it's a warehouse one, I know you've been keen to get that. If it's another cleaning job, I wouldn't bother and if it's another part-time job, I wouldn't bother.


PS It's a bit odd that they expect you to start tomorrow - most places expect (new) employees will have to give notice.

It could be an agency - when I was signed up with one I would get a phone call to offer me work at short notice.  

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Warehouse and full time it like fashion shop I'll go there and find out more 

Do whatever you WANT to do.

Lol Alan, Abbey doesn't know what she wants to do - that is why she asks questions on here!  

Go to the interview and if offered the job and it appeals to you long term then start tomorrow.

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I'll have to give my stuff back to the laundry and like I said the mistake I made was turning down a warehouse down because I wanted to be loyal to the care home

Go!  Good luck

Please go Abbey. Worry about the current job later. Take this opportunity now. Good luck!

I await the next question tomorrow ... or sooner.

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Not sure 

Abbey, what does 'not sure' mean? Have you had the interview?

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Yes and moving office it packing handbags and covers 

Abbey, are you 'not sure' how you did at the interview? Are you not sure if you want the job if it's offered? Wouldn't it be worth it to have a full-time job? You're not enjoying your present place, which is only part-time anyway. I think you've realised that you will need to work full-time...

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Not sure I got it

Question Author

Not sure if I got the job 

Thanks, Abbey. You'll just have to wait and see... for that job and for the interview you had last week. At least there are  full-time jobs coming up now, that'll get you out of the way of those small, part-time jobs that you kept considering last year!

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Doubt I got last week's one now and one I just went for it a Chinese place 

Abbey, did they say they'll contact you?

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