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Who Can I Ask For Generic Financial Advice ?

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CW1 | 12:05 Thu 11th Apr 2024 | Business & Finance
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I need to get some advice about a financial advisor who kept fobbing me off with delaying tactics when I asked him to move some investments around last week, ie. last tax year. He's evasive about charges & is giving me duff & incomplete info about my investments.

I will be making a formal complaint in due course but, as I can't trust his advice any longer, I'm hoping to speak to someone who can give me advice about what I should do re the investments first, someone who isn't just going to try sell me their products. A financial CAB perhaps ?



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I might be worth asking the financial ombudsman for advice, they will know who can help you

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As good a place as anywhere to start I guess. Thanks.

I can't think of anyone else

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Well, after going thru' a lot of hoops, via the Ombudsman, then the FCA, I've now the number for Moneyhelper, 0800 0113 797. Fingers crossed.

Good luck

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Who Can I Ask For Generic Financial Advice ?

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