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My Boss Wanted To Know If The Picture On My Desk Was My Boyfriend

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Treacle71 | 21:11 Tue 28th May 2024 | Business & Finance
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I have a small picture of a firefighter cut out from a newspaper on my desk and my boss asked me the above. A little forward or what?



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Perfectly normal office chitchat
21:12 Tue 28th May 2024

Perfectly normal office chitchat

I would say it's highly unusual in a workplace to have small cut-out news photo of a firefighter placed on a desk, and likely to attract questions from others, wanted or unwanted.  Would have you thought it as 'forward' if he'd asked, 'Is that your grandson'?  Sounds like friendly conversation to me.

To be honest, Treacle, it's a little strange to have a framed newspaper clipping of some random man on your desk. 

Not at all.  Just chat.  Just out of interest why do you have a picture of a stranger on your desk?

If he was a little forward he'd be a footballer.


Possibly on the wing, Doug, small 'uns are quite nippy.

On the 'ead mate!

This is something they did, maybe still do, in the US to ward off unwanted advances from male colleagues

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I think this is partly why I did it, johnk.  Plus, the picture was in no way framed.  I just cut it out of a newspaper and stuck it on the wall where I sit, so my boss obviously saw it.  The pic is only 9cm x 6cm.  He obviously had a sharp eye and our office is full of people's pictures anyway.

Putting a picture up at work is going to invite questions. If you don't want to be asked about something don't encourage it.

So you want people to see it (as per johnk's post) but you don't want people to ask or comment on it?

Maybe put a post-it on it saying 'please don't ask'

Put a post-it saying it's just a fireman... I like fireman.... 

Question Author

Good one, rowanwitch.


Why have the photo up in the first place?  Of course it will encourage questions.  

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My Boss Wanted To Know If The Picture On My Desk Was My Boyfriend

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