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Transferring balance from 2 cards

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milly143 | 17:50 Tue 23rd May 2006 | Business & Finance
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Is it possible to transfer the balance of 2 credit cards on to one 0% card. The Virgin card in specific. I've looked on the site but it doesn't say.


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Yes you can - I have done 3 cards before.
Absolutely - Oneeyedvic is right - I've done it too
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Excellent! Thank yo!

AND...You can use it for an interest free loan, found out accidently, say you have a BARCLAYCARDwith

-�2,500, you tell Virgin to Balance transfer �3,500 , THEY DO IT, you then phone up BARCLAY CARD or ANYOTHER and ask for your money back, they justknow the cc is overpaid and in credit! Voila, interest free CASH loan for the period offered by Virgin or other

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Transferring balance from 2 cards

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