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Cheap personalised pens

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Emu2005 | 19:00 Tue 15th Jul 2008 | Business & Finance
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I'm looking for some cheap personalised pens for my mum's business, I've googled and found a few sites but they all seem to have extra costs, I'm just after some really cheap ones without extra costs for printing and stuff.
Has anyone ordered a small quantity really basic pens really cheap? Can you recommend a good place to get them?
Many thanks!


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Sorry, no advice about where to buy pens from (though you may do well to support a local business rather than an internet one).

I would suggest that pens are a complete waste though. I probably have about 25 pens in my drawer from all sorts of businesses, and can't really remember where any of them come from (I don't often look for a pen that says "Holiday Inn" on it).

There is one pen that I do use frequently - and that is a Lloyds TSB pen which is a nice Parker pen - probably would cost around �2.00 each if you wanted them done - point is, the cheap ones rarely get used and aren't a decent advertising means.
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Thanks for your input!
I'm just looking for something my mum can use to boost her business a bit, she has a lot of repeat customers and I just thought something like this would remind people of her website.
Do you think any other promotional items are worth getting?
Many thanks
I know of a website called vista print, I dont know the costs and prices but I think they are at reasonable prices.
What is the nature of her business?
sorry forgot to add:

And who is she dealing with (private or business)
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It's a second hand book business. I think she deals mainly with private buyers or other small dealers.
That offer looks good, might try that as a starter - thanks!
Why not something more appropriate to her business then? Like bookmarkers?
I'd look at bookmarks - maybe nice leather ones: s/Products.List/category_id/336&referer=adword s&keyword=promotional_book_marks

more original and more practical for the nature of the business

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Cheap personalised pens

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