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Hey, Wasn't this us????!!! (Over 50s)

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Jemisa | 23:07 Sat 04th Feb 2012 | Family Life
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A little house with two bedrooms,
No bathroom and no car on the street.
A mower that you had to push
To make the grass look neat.

In the kitchen or in the hall
We only had one phone,
And no need for recording things,
Someone was always home.

We only had a living room
Where we would congregate,
Unless it was at dinner time
In the kitchen was where we ate.

We had no need for family rooms
Or extra rooms to dine.
When meeting as a family
Those two rooms would work out fine.

We only had one TV set
And channels maybe two,
But always there was one of them
With something worth the view.

For snacks we had potato crisps

That tasted like a chip.
And if you wanted flavor
There was sainsbury's onion dip.

Shop-bought snacks were rare because
My mother liked to cook
And nothing can compare to snacks
In Fanny Cradocks book.

Weekends were for family trips
Or staying home to play.
We all did things together --
Even went to church to pray.

When we did our weekend trips
Depending on the weather,
No one stayed at home because
We liked to be together.

Sometimes we would separate
To do things on our own,
But we knew where the others were
Without a bloody mobile phone.

Then there were the Pictures

With your favorite film star,
And nothing can compare
To watching films with your favourite chocolate bar

Then there were the picnics
At the peak of summer season,
Pack a lunch and find some trees
And never need a reason.

Get a football game together
With all the friends you know,
Have real action playing ball --
And no game video.

Remember when the doctor
Used to be the family friend,
And didn't need the A & E

Your wound he'd always tend

The way that he took care of you
Or what he had to do,
Because he took an oath and strived
To do the best for you.

Remember going to the shops

And shopping casually,
And when you went to pay for it
You used your own money?

Nothing that you had to swipe
Or punch in some amount,
And remember when the assistant person
Had to really count?

The milkman used to go
From door to door,
And it was just a few penny's more
Than going to the shop you know.

There was a time when posted letters
Came right to your door,
Without a lot of junk mail ads
Sent out by every department store.

The postman knew each house by name
And knew where it was sent;
There were not loads of mail addressed
To "present occupant."

There was a time when just one glance
Was all that it would take,
And you would know the kind of car,
The model and the make.

They didn't look like turtles
Trying to squeeze out every mile;
They were streamlined with leather seats

And really had some style.

One time the music that you played
Whenever you would jive,
Was from a vinyl, big-holed record
Called a forty-five.

The record player had a post
To keep them all in line
And then the records would drop down
And play one at a time.

Oh Yes, we had our problems then,
Just like we do today
And always we were striving,
Trying for a better way.

Oh, the simple life we lived
Still seems like so much fun,
How can you explain a game,
Just kick the can and run?

And why would boys put football cards
Between bicycle spokes
And for a tanner, red machines
Had little bottled Cokes?

This life seemed so much easier
And slower in some ways.
I love the new technology
But I really do miss those days.

So time moves on and so do we
And nothing stays the same,
but I sure love to reminisce
and walk down memory lane.



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I remember the heavy blankets all tucked in, and the freezing cold white sheets and hot water bottles.
I really enjoyed it Jem. It certainly took me back.
I remember the heavy blankets, about 4 of'em, candlewick bedspread, eiderdown, and a pot hot water bottle!
Pot hot water bottle - perfect for stubbing your toes on. Ouch!
Question Author
Yes jno but we went to bed at 10pm too (I remember the 'Ken Dodd' show)
Our neibour had a Morris Oxford (V/posh.)
We had lino too but my mum had an ins/payout & bought a piece of Cosset Carpet. We had sugar sandwiches on our picnics. Went paddleing in thre parks pool (Free) my costume was made by my aunty it was elastic & just hung off you when wet. Our first record on our record player was Cara mia mine by David Whitfield. Ahhhhhhh!!

Always something to view...with two channels...which channels were you watching???/LOL
I know we are always told that we look back 'through rose-tinted glasses', but they were joyous, innocent, uncomplicated times. I feel blessed to have been lucky enough to have been born post-war, and been brought up in the fifties, lived through the 'swinging 60's, the 'promiscuous 70's - it's all gone to pot since then!
Oh yes, eiderdowns and candlewick bedspreads!...and hot water bottles were a must!....otherwise we would have frozen in our beds!........can remember my mother throwing coats onto our beds when very cold! was so heavy, we could never move!........but we were warm!.......icicles on the inside of the windows too!........
Question Author
Anyone else remember DW and Jimmy Young too.
My two bros & I had a baked brick to take to bed (Stolen from a building site. My mother put them in the oven & then wrapped them in old coats.
In 59 Commerciltv started, I remember the first ever ad ;Gibbs SR Toothpaste.
What about the horrid liberty bodices we wore with rubber buttons so difficult to fasten, torn lino you could easily trip on, fireplaces in the bedrooms - rarely used but had a sack stuffed inside chimney to stop draughts, the dreaded cod liver oil and malt daily dollop on a big tablespoon which came from a massive jar (gave me nightmares!) dressing up to go to bed in pyjamas, cardigans, woollen dressing gown and socks. Friday night was bath night and everyone used the same water which was boiled in an electric copper. Eating runner beans which had been salted in kilner jars layered in salt to preserve, blackberry vinegar (ugh), sugar sandwiches, lovely bread and dripping, welfare orange which had to have water added, and eating bread and butter with tinned fruit. Ah just a few of the many memories ..............
Oh Jem, your memory is so much better than mine!........I remember nothing of 1959!........I was 9 years old then!.......wish I could remember more!.........
Question Author
I remember Ann my old dad getting our first TV for the Coronation, that day our front room was filled with relatives and nieghbours to watch it. My poor mum had all those cups of tea to make + sandwiches.
I remember 'Dick Barton' on the radio too, there was no kids on the street when he was on. After the snow all us kids made a slide in the frozen road, under a street lamp what fun, even dads came & had a go.
Bread & Dripping Ann, I remember my first boyfriend coming round (I was 14) Alan (We're still in touch) we had beef dripping on toast & some of the beef jelly that was at the bottom of the basin (a real treat)
Mmmm! I could go on things keep coming into my mind. I won't though.
Have a good day folks (In the snow) 4 inches here.

Actually, commercial tv began in September 1955. Before that we just had the beeb and that wasn't on all day. There were the breaks for the potter's wheel, the speeded up London to Brighton train which took about 4 mins. etc.

Who used to take empty lemonade/tizer bottles back to the shops for a 3d refund? And remember the chewing gum machines, 1d a small packet. The machine had an arrow on the knob and when the arrow was pointing forward, you got two packets for your 1d. What a good day that was when you saw the arrow was pointing forward. Richard Digance used to do a whole routine on 'remembrances'.
Boggle has lost me my g'kids who wont visit unless they can bring their xbox :(
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Hey, Wasn't this us????!!! (Over 50s)

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