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Should I Be Doing Something About My Rude Sister?

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its_octopuses | 20:43 Mon 11th Sep 2023 | Family Life
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My sister and her fiancé have recently come to live with me while their house is under renovation. My sister has always been abrasive and unable to admit fault. My husband and I are non-confrontational and mostly laugh at her craziness. The thing that's rubbing us both the wrong way is the way she treats her fiancé. In the two weeks she's been here, I haven't heard a single good thing come out of her mouth about him. NOTHING this man does is good enough for her and she makes that known in front of everyone. Were looking at 50+ criticisms a day about everything he does. He's a nice guy and he treats her well. I really don't know why he puts up with it. I feel like I need to say something, but should I? What would I even say?


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The short answer is no.

Your sister's fiance has chosen her as his partner, and if he is happy to live with her attitude to him, it's really not for you to criticise, and get in the middle of things, especially when they are living with you - that's a recipe for disaster!

We all find people we love, and even if others, including those who love us, are baffled by our choices, they are still our choices, and your sister, and probably her fiance as well, would not take kindly to un-asked-for advice, however well intentioned.

Hopefully the renovations won't take long, so smile, bite your tongue, and keep the peace, it's the best way.
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I will also add that I feel like it's my business because they argue in my living room all day in front of my 4 children. It's unpleasant and a bad influence. I did not make it clear that he is clearly unhappy and has told my husband this, but believes he can't find another woman who will deal with his PTSD which is something my sister convinced him of.
OK, Sorry, it is indeed your business.

Grin and bear it, can't be for long surely. Any attempt to address it could backfire badly.
Put up and shut up.
If they start to argue in front of your children ask them to leave rhe room
It's a bit ridiculous that he seems to be staying with your sister because he thinks he couldn't get anyone else! I wouldn't want that for my sister (if I had one) and I think I would have a serious conversation with her

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Should I Be Doing Something About My Rude Sister?

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