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childs ears

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ethanryan | 10:42 Mon 14th Jul 2008 | Family Life
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hi all, not sure if this should be here or in health but here goes.
first of all i am so angry and annoyed with a lady on the bus yesterday. my son who is two has slightly large ears, well there not big they just stick out a bit. i am aware of this but makes no difference to me at all as i would love him the same if had 3 ears. I do think about when he is at school and how cruel kids can be now but yesterday i was on a bus and heard two ladies talking and commenting on my son. the one lady said
" im so glad my kids wasnt ugly, id die if my kids had big ears like that ladies son". i was so angry, you expect comments like that from kids not grown adults. before i could stand up and start shouting back my sister stopped me reminding me that the kids was listening.
has anyone else had similar problems and how do you deal with them as it really upset me.
has anyone had there childs ears pinned back and was it succesful? what age was it done?


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Frankly I would ignore it completely, difficult though this might seem right now. If it is any consolation to you I would add that for one to have ears which protrude is a sign of intelligence (and many will agree with this), but for those two women on the bus making snide comments in the way that you suggest is a sign of their "sad lives".
My youngest daughter was born with 'picie' ears, and we had them pinned when she was ten. The surgery is not major, it is obviously sore for some days, and bandages have to stay on, but it is well worth it.

Her ears were not large, they simply stuck out from her head, and with the simple surgery, they now sit flat against her head, and she is pleased with them.

Bearing in mind how cruel children (and adults!) can be, have a word with your GP about referral for the op.
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thanks andy, is my son too young too have this done, ideally i would like him to have it done as young as possible before he goes to school as children can be really cruel, he is already a shy child and would hate the thought of him been bullied.
I would have gone up to them and whispered in there ear...and I would die if I were as rude and shallow as sure they wouldnt know where to look, and the plus side, your son would be non the wiser...I understand your upset, I would be, but lets face it, anyone with half a brain wouldnt say anything at all, disgusting behaviour!!!
My son had sticking out ears when he was two, but he did'nt by the time he started school, they were absolutely fine. Children's features do change as they mature, honestly. It seems very strange that these two "ladies" would say that about your son, and especially so loud that you could hear it. I think they must have mental health problems or be on drugs. Forget them.
Well done for keeping your cool ER, with the help of your sister XX

I wish I had been on the bus with you because not only does my three month old have sticky out ears, but I DO TOO! (She had to get them from somewhere LOL).

Growing up with sticky out ears I heard all the normal names, and vowed that any child of mine would have their ears pinned from birth (I believe it is easier to do it from birth before the ears have properly formed I think I read somewhere and negates the need for a full operation) so that they didn't have to endure what I did, but now I have my little girl I just couldn't alter her in any way whatsoever. If, when she starts school, she comes to me and says she is unhappy with her ears and we discuss having them pinned then I will allow her to make the decision. Like you ER, I think my little one is just perfect - even with her enormous hands, sticky out ears and weird big toes (yep, she got the hands and toes from me too) If your little boy isn't aware that he has different ears then I wouldn't make an issue of it, but if he approaches in the future when he is a bit older then discuss the option of pinning them and see how he feels about it, let him make the decision xx ge=Problem&pgForward=content

Have a look at this website and see if it helps x
LOL at Natalie. I know you have a sense of humour Nat, but your description of yourself made me think of this

And it's very sweet!

ethanryan - It is appalling that adults can be so rude . What ignorant, shallow people those ladies must be. And no doubt their children will grow up to be just as horrible. Try not to dwell on it. I actually agree with Notafish - your son's features will change as he gets older, so I would take Natalie's advice and wait and see.

Best wishes

(sorry Natalie)

LOL - it's pretty accurate Lofty, except I have five toes. On one foot anyway.

Not painting a pretty picture of my daughter either am I? She's adorable though, I know ER has seen her photo on facebook so hopefully she will take me seriously and not think I am a deformed loon with a hobbit child :-D
awww that was so unfeeling of that lady to say that. i hope you were just as cruel and said loudly to your son that you are glad he doesn't have an insensitive jerk for a mum.
Don't worry about the age thing Ethan. 10 is probably plenty young enough. Before secondary school is ideal but honestly, young children do not notice these things in a malicious way. In my sons class (he is 7) they have a girl who is down syndrome, who receives one to one teaching, not one of the kids have noticed she is different. My son is ginger, he gets nothing said to him. There is a girl with very sweet sticky out ears, honestly shes adorable, to me she looks like a tiny little elf, I think she should keep them as they are but Im sure at a certain age she will want them pinned and there is another girl who has totally crossed eyes.

Younger children aren't as cruel as you imagine them to be. He will probably become less shy after playschool.
I am sure your little boy will grow into his ears. He is still very young and things are growing at different rates at this age. I am sure he is a sweetheart and adorable. Please just ignore these rude people. They are the ones with a problem.
my boyf has sticky out ears. he also loves music with an absolute passion. sometimes he pins his own ears back and says "i cant hear so well with my ears back there, i think i'll leave them as they are"
personally, i don't think i would have been able to contain myself - i would have screamed something very rude back at them immedicately in front of everyone else on the bus to make myslef feel better, defend my son and make them look like the ***** they obviously were. hats off to you, tho, for keeping your cool. way more dignified than i would have been...
my godson had 'sticky out' ears and had them pinned back when he was about 4. No problems with the op and he is now 28 and gorgeous. Speak to your doctor to get a professionals advice.
As for the woman on the bus, she obviously is ill bred and ill mannered and not worth wasting time on. Just forget about her.

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childs ears

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