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Pregnancy Test

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dozie | 19:10 Mon 07th Nov 2005 | Parenting
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Would there be a possibility of a pregnancy test showing a positive result if you took the test 3 days before your period was due? If so, what is the brand name? I know some of them can detect a result before your period



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some claim to be able to detect early, but 3 days before your period is due is real early. Everyone i know that has tried this early, got a negative result, then just worried and worried that they were preganant and ended up spending the money on another test two weeks later!

One of them asked the chemist for the earliest test you can buy.... its called first response (in a pink packet).

she had a negative result and then a positive one three weeks later! Its best to wait for as long as possible if you want an accurate test.

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yeah, thought so
completely agree, i was so obsessed about getting pregnant i spent a fortune on tests,it didnt show until later on
the test in question that is supposed to give you results before your period is First Response
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Prob best for me to wait till Friday, I am just very impatient
Im a bit confused...if you waited just three days until your period, wouldn't you know then if you were pregnant or not?
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Yes, but as i said very impatient, 3 days seems like a lifetime!!

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Pregnancy Test

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