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Left Handers

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Drusilla | 15:32 Sat 07th Jan 2006 | Parenting
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How many of you are left handed and what particular difficulties, if any, has it caused you, or your children?

My younger daughter and I are both left handed and I'm wondering whether to give her left handed products to use, or whether she should follow my own lead and learn to use everyday right handed tools.

I am unable to use left handed scissors because I am so used to handling right handed ones that my co-ordination goes 'squiffy' if I use the product specifically designed for 'lefties'. I'm concerned if she doesn't adapt she will be forced to carry a rucksack full of 'leftie' equipment with her wherever she goes.

The only specially designed products I possess are my left handed cheque book and the bent nib on my italic pen.

I'd appreciate some input before allowing my daughter the final decision on the matter.



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My daughter is left handed, and I notice that she, like you, uses right handed scissors without any problem, and she even uses the computer mouse with her right hand rather than swap it around on the desk. I have not offered her any special left handed products, and she seems to get by perfectly well without them. I must admit that this is because it never occured to me rather than a conscious decision! I think there is much to be said for taking things as they come, other than scissors I can't think of many essential things that would need to be carried around (sorry if I am being naive there)!
I believe that there is a left-handed shop in London which stocks things such as left handed scissors and left handed potato peelers, just in case you're interested!
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Thanks, spudqueen. Her Dad bought me a left handed Swiss Knife from there some years ago and I've never used it because I find it awkward.
i am a left hander as well and i find it hard to use left handed scissors too! however, i can not use a right handed can opener ; they are just so hard to use!! i do use a pen which is specially designed for left handers, and it is really good. another thing i cant do i write on black boards.
Two of my children are left handed and I have given them every oppertunity to use what ever hand they want. I'm not too sure whether they take advantage of the left handed equipment around the house or they just muck in with their other sisters, but they seem to get on just fine. One thing though is that they find it easier to hold their knives and forks the other way round! Strange...but true!
Having come across a few lefties at work, I find there aren't many who ask for left handed scissors, most of them can use the other variety!

I'd let her carry on regardless and only when a barrier is put in place do you look for an alternative.

I can do either, something I learned purely through boredom as a child, my point being... you can learn to adapt or modify when an alternative is required but not available!
My son is left handed and prefers left handed scissors, but eats right handed ( possibly my fault for laying the table that way), he was struggling at school recently when they were learning about measurements until I discovered a left handed ruler ( numbers go from right to left) and he finds this much easier.

Im left handed but only write with my left hand and do everything else right handed, my parents never discouraged my left handedness they just let me do what ever felt comftable, im sure they would have got me some lefthanded things if i'd have asked.

My mum bought me a left handed fountain pen which i loved it made writing easier and neater.

One thing that used to annoy me tho was my teacher, as left handers know you have to turn your paper a lil to write properly, well, my teacher kept turning it back straight!! the thing was she was lefthanded too!

im left handed i have trouble with scissors, potato peelers, writing on a white board as the way i hold my pen i smudge what ive just wrote. ive managed to get by without any special left handed products for 27 years

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Left Handers

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