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troublesome teenager

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nic...nic | 12:17 Sat 27th May 2006 | Parenting
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my son is 15 years old and recently i found out he has not attended school for weeks although he leaves at 8am every morning. he has been bunking at his girlfriends house,when i found out i grounded him but he walked out and went back there. the police have brought him back for me on a couple of times but i do not want to keep waisting their time. he refuses to come home and i dont like him being there as the girls mother dont care and he has started smoking and drinking,im afraid he is going to end up dead in a gutter somewhere. if he doesnt want to come home cos he does not like my rules then i cant force him to although i would prefer him to be at home,does anyone know what i can do or who i can contact to have him removed from this house as im worried but starting to lose hope for him


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troublesome teenager

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