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Drunken Teenager

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goindoolally | 00:10 Sat 10th Jun 2006 | Parenting
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The second my 15 yr old son walked through the door tonight, I knew he'd been drinking. I asked him where he'd been and how much he's had, to which he replied "I've been to the park and I've only had a few slips (yes he said slips) of my friends drink" I told him to go straight to bed and that we will discuss this tomorrow . This is the first time that I've seen him like this. I'm astounded, astonished, disappointed and don't know what the hell I'm going to say to him in the morning! Any pearls of wisdom would be very welcome. T.I.A
Mandy x



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What a pity it's not school tomorrow. My friend answered a knock at her door one evening a couple of years ago to find two policemen there holding up her 15 year old son - they'd found him karate kicking hedges on his way home. Yes, he'd had a drink (or three) and was slightly the worse for wear. As it was a Thursday she just woke him up at the usual time the next morning, threw him a couple of asprin and sent him off to school. Funnily enough he didn't do it again, well not on a school night anyway!

If it was me I'd probably tell him that I was disappointed that he'd come home in that state but I wouldn't go too hard on him as I know that I was trying alcohol at that age.
My daughter came home one night couple of weeks before xmas(actually she was practically carried)she had been drinking,she felt sick and spent half the night talking to the big white telephone(if you know what i mean?)seems to have put her off,touch wood,Theres nothing better than a true lesson learnt,she was also 15 at the time!
Yes - let them have the hangover. Best lesson I know.

Even though it's Saturday, make sure he doesn't get any peace. I mean, you need to need to hoover the landing and that, don't you? And there's nothing like a little music to help along with the household tasks. Of course, you'll need to have it turned up loud in order to hear it over the noise of the hoover.
i hope my mum wont do that if i came home like that :) i probabaley wud sleep threw it anyway :D
My son, now 19yrs, started experimenting with alcohol when he was 15yrs. I think it's inevitable and let's face it we all did it. Don't be too hard on him or he'll think it's a big issue for you. I allowed my son the odd can of lager at home and glass of wine with dinner and now he's quite mature in his outlook on drinking. Having said that he still goes out on a Friday night and gets hammered but he knows to drink plenty of water.

Ok, first I'd just like to say I am 15 years old, althought I have the wisdom of ages far beyond that.

Whatever you do DO NOT punish him of make a big issue out of it, if he does not want to talk about don't make him. If you do he will almost certainly do it again.

What you do after that depends what sort of person you are but remember DO NOT ever make an issue out of it. If this is the first time try just ignoring it and pretend it didn't even happen, if he says anything about it just shrug it off.

Saxyjag - brilliant, I will keep this in mind for when my Son in 15yrs. lol

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Drunken Teenager

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