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Do you give your baby sweeties?

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carron81 | 14:56 Sun 28th Jun 2009 | Parenting
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I'm just wondering if you give your baby sweets?

I've never bothered giving my daughter sweets since she is that young she doens't need them and doesn't know what they are. Theres plenty time in a couple of years for her to start having sweets so i don't see it as something she needs in her diet at the moment as she doesn't know any better.

I spend a couple of days a month making home made meals and freezing them so she has a good diet

My daughter was 1 yesterday and we had a party with family and a few friends. The amount of people that wanted to give her sweets from the buffet was unreal. I had things like tablet, chocolate coated marshmallows with buttons on the top, malteser cake with white choc on top. and folk were wanting to give her that and i was like no

then someone said i might as well start her off on sweets or she'll rebel when shes older and binge on them!!!!!

what do you do? obviously she'll gets sweets when she's a bit older but i think theres no need at the moment. also on my boyfriends side of the family there is hyperness in the genes. my daughter is so mellow i don't want the hyper gene to kick in!!!!!


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Do you give your baby sweeties?

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