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what age for babys first bed?

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pinkcowprint | 16:42 Wed 22nd Jul 2009 | Parenting
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at what age did everyone make the move from cot to bed?


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From what I can remember my daughter was either just before 2 or just 2! She did have a cot bed though so all we did was swap the cot side for a bed guard. We had no problems at all and she never once got out! Wouldn't dare!
My two were about 14 months - they were both climbers and it was safer that way. I also had them 13 months apart, so I needed the cot pretty quick for my second as he was a big lad so older brother got shunted into the little ikea toddler bed and he loved it - as tigwig says, they never dared get out in the morning without us being there, that lasted until they were about 5
Hi pinkcowprint,

We bought my son his bed a couple of months ago. He hasn't fallen out of it once and knows he must 'go leggies first'.

You are lucky getting a lay in until 7am. Not only does our son wake through the night but he wakes in the morning at 5am.

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thanks everyone,my little boy is nearly 14 months and just hates his cot,after trying everything,and i mean everything,he sleeps with us in our bed,hes getting a bit big now ,though he doesn't seem to mind,so was thinking of getting him his own bed as the cot is just sat there to throw things in!!haha!
my two had a toddler bed each for there first birthdays they went in them at about 13 months and we just put a bed rail up for them x
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ive just bought him a racing car bed from argos,its really low down and has sides,im excited its cool!thanks for all your answers,you've reassured me its not too early,i think you know yourself when its the right time with your own child and not always go by what the book says.x
as soon as they start trying to climb out of the bloody cot lol
That's what I got mine pink. They can't fall out of them.
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ah,does he like it then?cant wait for it to come and get him sorted in his own room and his own bed!hope it works!lol
just wondering how they don't fall out at around 14 months.

my daughter is 13 months and i was watching her the other night and she goes from one end of her cot to the other, sits up in her sleep and then bangs her head off the side of the cot.

im looking at buying a single bed adn really want to get her in it soon, as baby number 2 will be here in 6 months so the cot will be needed

she cant walk yet so thinking about waiting till then. shes taken steps so maybe in the next month i might try her out

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what age for babys first bed?

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