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baby wont sleep

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harrys13 | 18:19 Mon 27th Jul 2009 | Parenting
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my baby girl will not sleep at all, the only time she sleeps is in my arms then as soon as i put her down she is wide awake she is 11wks old and was 4 wks prem she is like this day and night she has been treated for reflux by the doctor with gaviscon but it was not that, she just cant or wont fall into a deep sleep at all,


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it may still be the reflux.

a lot of parents think that a hammock crib like the amby nest helps babies with reflux nest-item15924.html

have you tried putting a tshirt (which youve worn) into her crib so that she can still smell your scent? Or another trick is to place a hot water bottle in the crib to warm it, then remove it just before baby goes in, sometimes the shock of the different temp wakes them.

also try raising the head end of crib very slightly to alleviate some of the reflux

god this reminds me of my son completely. No matter what he wouldnt go asleep on his own and i had to rock him asleep in my arms untill he was 18months. No easy task i can tell you. I tried everything hun and it didnt work.

In the end he was screaming untill midnight one night when he was 18months and i shouted up the stairs to him that mummy wasnt comeing upstairs and harry had to fall asleep on his own. Thankfully it worked and ever since he has been fine.

But sorry no advice for such a little one. Id do what the other person posted and stick a safe baby sheet under your top all day and then lie the baby on that etc

Good luck
my second child (a boy) did this also it started of being colic, flip i thought i had the colic bad with my 1st - a girl- untl i had my son then i realised how bad colic could get!!!
so basically he got so used to my arms due to pacing the floor with the colic that he didnt want to be put down in his cot. i used to go to bed at the same time just so i could lay there and rock his crib adn if i stopped he woke if i moved away he woke. at 6 wks i deicided iwas being an idiot having had a child already and thats when i did my controlled crying, 4 nights later my little man was going down after last feed at 11pm and got up at 7am the next morning, and hes still a fantastic sleeper unless hes ill which is a rare occurance. give it a go, hard but worth it. we have the best bond ever still and hes 4 this december.
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Thanks all for that, at least feel im not the only one, the hot waterbottle and tshirt jobie sounds good .iv looked into the amby but i cant use it with her angelguard, but whats controlled crying?
controlled crying is where you would leave baby to cry for a short time before going to them.
this would allow them to get used to settling themselves to sleep.
I didnt realise the amby nest couldnt be used with a angel mat. I have friends who do use one in theirs.
its when you lay your baby down in the cot or crib with very dim lights talking softly. you lay them down pat their tummy for a short time and move away from beside them, it takes alot not to lift your baby but babies get to know if they cry they will get picked up, dont get me wrong i held my babies alll the time but when it came to sleep time they were taught to fall asleep by themselves. they need to be able to fall asleep without rocking cos its good for them but for you too, anywaywhen you've moved away you could stay in teh room at first just near the cot and pat their tummy briefly when they cry to settle them, keep diong this, moving firther away each time they settle without being lifted, if your lucky enough and stick to it you could have lovely evening wher you can lay your baby down in bed at night after a cuddle and a kiss and leave the room while they are still awake, i was able to after 2 nights i think with mine.
You could try a comforter. The mother sleeps with it for a night or two to pass on the scent, then place the comforter in the cot with the baby. it may sound a bit weird but it works. They are very common in Europe and are available in all sorts of designs. Try http://www.clementine..._baby_comforters.html Media URL:

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baby wont sleep

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