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Toilet training...... Time has come....

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Lorzy Lor | 09:40 Sat 01st Aug 2009 | Parenting
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Hey all, hope your well! My son is two and three quarters and i think he's ready. Any advise on it? It would be greatly appreciated! Don't really know what I'm doing!

Also, whats the best way to get wee out of the carpet? Don't want my house smelling like a toilet! :-)

Thanks in advance!



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Beware the scooter potty, little darlings can get up quite a speed on them lol
I think you just have to go for it and put them in pants!
You say he's ready, is he telling you he needs the toilet? You've nothing to lose by trying! Decide whether you are going to get a potty or use the toilet. I personally think its good to get them used to both as I took a potty out with me at all times so I wasn't caught short!
I don't think pull ups work as they are like a nappy.
You are bound to have accidents but try a sticker chart as a reward and give plenty of praise for a result.
If its a total disaster after a week then I would stop, without fuss, and just try again in a month or so until you succeed. Only time will tell, good luck!
Oh and for getting wee or worse out of the carpet baby wipes are good or just stain remover spray then febreze to stop the smell!
How old is the child?
ummmmm 2 and 3/4 lol

avoid pull ups, waste of money in my opinion. loads of patience and praise
With my son I had him watch Daddy use the toilet and asked him if he wanted to 'do it like Daddy'. He straight away climbed onto the loo and perched there, did his business, and never looked back!
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thanks for your advice! Thinking i'm going to start next week! eek!

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Toilet training...... Time has come....

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