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how to stop early waking!!

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Vics128 | 14:45 Mon 21st Dec 2009 | Parenting
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Please help!
My nearly 5 year old and my 18 month old share a room and the pair of them are up at about 5.30 every morning! They go to bed at 7 for little one and 7.30 for bigger one. Although the eldest rarley makes bed time anymore and falls asleep at 6.30.. then we have a vicious circle!
They both eat good meals, not too much junk and get out and about lots and are active. They are both warm in bed and nothing (as far as i know) disturbs them at this time!
Yesterday I put them both down for a sleep in the day for 2 hours (my eldest is so tired all the time, if I ask him to go to bed he does!) I then also gave them there meals and hour later in the day ie 8, 1, and 6. I then put them to bed an hour later hoping this would confuse them!! It didnt work and they were still up at 5.30. My eldest starts full time school after christmas so I really need to get this sorted before them else he wont make it through the day! Also im shattered!!
If any one had any hints or tips, I would greatly appreciate it. TIA


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At 5, he shouldn't need 2 hours during the day. Instead of putting him down to sleep, try a quiet half hour or so with a story or a shared TV programme or DVD. You could do this whilst the youngest has his afternoon nap. A nice bit of quality time for the two of you - believe me, you'll miss it when he starts school.

I would also question, if he were one of mine, why a 5 year old should be so tired. Why not have a chat with your health visitor, see what he/she can advise.
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Hi he is tired cos he is up at 5.30.. If i dont let him sleep in the day, he flakes on sofa at 6/ 6.30 , then wakes up really early again.. I dont thik its a health visitor thing, apart from any tips.. which is kind of what I was hoping from here!! I do spend quality time with him, and only let his sleep in day so I can get him to bed at bed time, to try and break this unsociable behaviour!!!
yuck. i cant imagine having my 2 getting up at that time, itd drive me crazy.

do they get up at same time at weekends too? if its just a weekend thing then maybe its a neighbour getting up or going to work that wakes them.

Do they get up and out of bed at that time? have you tried a clock and telling them that they cant get up until a certain time, they may just drift back off to sleep if theres no reason to get up.
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hI red, yes its driving me mad!! Its everyday they get up this early. If I get up when I first hear one of them, I try to go and get them out of the room to try and let the other one sleep a biot longer, but they normally only make it to 6ish. If I leave them, because the little one is still in a cot, the bigger one gets into the cot with him, and they can generally entertain themselves for an hour or so, but im already awake by this point, and cant get back to sleep. We have tried the clock thing, but to be honest, he takes no notice of it. like i say, they just get in with each other and are being fairly good, but stil kieeping me awake!
put them to bed at around 8 so they lie in a little longer
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mu youngest is 2 and a half and she wakes up at 5 am for milk, she has done this for a while now and i walk around like a zombie, i have to go to work at 9 and finish and 3, but whatever i have tried its not worked, maybe you should try splitting them up, take little one in your room for a bit and see if things change, its probably that one wakes up and then wakes the other for company, naughty little darlings

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how to stop early waking!!

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