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I am divorced with children and want to move.

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mouse8 | 16:42 Mon 07th Feb 2011 | Parenting
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Hi, can anyone tell me if you can move away from your ex.
I live with mine/his children about 20 miles away from my ex.
Due to unfortunate circumstances I may have to move but he says if I do he will take me to court.
At moment he has the children every other weekend and half the school holidays.
How far can I move?


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The question far do you want to move these children away from their father?

Without knowing the full circumstances, and i don't really want to, I personally can't help but think the guy must be in bits if you're thinking of moving his children such a distance it makes him seeing them virtually impossible.

If it is at all do-able, please rethink depriving your children of their dad.
Yes, you can move if necessary, but will need to think about the children making lots of long journeys between you both. If he took you to court, they would decide whether the children had more to gain by moving away. If he still has the same access, I don't see why he would take you to court though.
I think it depends on his right of access, it has to be reasonable for him to get to see his children.
How far away are you planning to move?
There is no reason you can't move but he has a right to see them and bear in mind that you may be expected to make this happen as much as him, i.e. by sharing the driving/travelling. If you don't have a good reason to move you may just end up making your own life harder.

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I am divorced with children and want to move.

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