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Should A Cat Be Near A Newborn Baby.

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dartagnon | 23:19 Mon 17th Mar 2014 | Pregnancy
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My daughter is expecting twins - due date 9th May - and she has a 2 year old tabby cat. I told her that she'd better get rid of the cat before the children are born, but she insists that everything will be okay .
Am I being overly cautious or not and I'd appreciate others opinions.
Thanks in anticipation


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We had a cat when we had our first three children, never thought it could be a problem. What are you specifically worried about?
They can like the smell of a baby and jump in cot, pram etc..there is a risk of suffocation
Why do you think the cat could be a problem?

Our old stroppy tom cat guarded our baby come whatever and stayed within reach most of the time. He was only excluded from the bedroom when our son was asleep.
If there is a problem - which I think may be more imaginary than real - the answer is to be take adequate precautions, rather than sending poor Tiddles over the rainbow bridge to pussycat heaven?
I had cats long before I had kids, not a problem in my opinion.
In fact, one of my siamese rigidly defended the pram if I left it in the garden.
There must have been hundreds of thousands of newborn babies sharing their family homes with cats over the years and although I've heard all about the dangers I've never actually heard about or read about a cat harming a baby.

My daughter and son-in-law have had two house cats since before they married in 2011. My grandson was born in August 2012 and there have been no problems with either of the cats. One of them isn't too keen and keeps out of his way but the male cat and my grandson have a good relationship. The cat takes all that comes his way and goes back for more, he grooms my grandson and they get on very well.
My daughter didn't let the cats stay in the room when my grandson was sleeping just in case they got into the crib or cot.
baby killing cats - I have to say the papers are not full of it....
with respect, advising your daughter to get rid of her pet isn't really being a helpful mum now is it?
I think the only risk might be if a cat got into the baby's cot and lay on his face. But even then, as long as the baby isn't ill or disabled he'd be able to move enough to be able to breathe.
I had cats when my son was a baby. They were slightly perturbed by the new arrival and any noise he made, and one of them stayed out of his way until he was a bit bigger, but there were no problems.
roopower - what exactly do you mean when you say the cat grooms the baby?
I have heard this suggestion before of a cat sitting on a newborn baby and suffocating it, but have never heard of it actually happening.

Sensible precautions should be taken, but cats are not a threat to babies.
If it had been a dog I would have said 'get rid of it'. Cats are a little more careful and avoid young children. Although I always think of the old saying about cats getting into the cot or pram where it is warm I don't know of any that have. It would only be for hygiene purposes that I would be against animals with babies, especially when they start crawling near pet food and cat litter etc.
Why get rid if it was a dog?
oh don't go there kawakiri, people are just prejudiced.
I awoke one morning (4a.m.ish) and the baby in cot, I had 2 cats, baby was in my mind breathing 'funny', went into nursery and the cat was lying on baby's face...never ever would i have a cat and child in same house again

I do realise there are a lot of cat lovers on this site, but this happened to me and I'd never let a cat in house again. The child is now 30+ but I'll never forget that night - they take the breath from a child
That's just silly....they don't "take the breath from a child". Cats naturally like to be near warmth. They will sit on is only a 'problem' with babies because they are so small relative to the size of a cat.
Just be sensible and take precautions...make sure cat is not in room unless you are there also.
I grew up hearing the ,'Cats sucks babies breath out' stories, I always thought it was based on either the old Witches Familiar nature of the cat or maybe the smell of milk.

I think caution when pets and babies share the home is what is needed.

Some reading here...
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Should A Cat Be Near A Newborn Baby.

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