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Coming Off Contraceptive Pill (Cerazette)

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stylinsam | 13:10 Tue 09th Feb 2016 | Pregnancy
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Came off cerazette on the 25th January, to try for a baby. I have been having the most horrendous period pains but no period so far , I have been reading a lot of horror stories about how I should wait until I have a normal cycle until I try to conceive . I have already done the deed a few times since coming of the pill and my question is would I be fertile enough to concieve straight away and should I hold fire on trying now until I have my first cycle.

Thanks for any answers in advance


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Everyone is different. Some conceive straight away and others take months/years.

If I were you I'd wait for a period but no harm if you don't.
I conceived within 2 weeks (and was not prepared for that!), but as ummm says everybody is different.
Do what feels right for you.
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Thanks ladies

Chelle7272 I take it you didn't have a period before you conceived then ? Did you take one of them early pregnancy tests (if so are they any good)

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Coming Off Contraceptive Pill (Cerazette)

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