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When Did I Conceive/ Who Is Most Likely Father?

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LennaG | 10:39 Fri 26th Aug 2016 | Pregnancy
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Had sex every weekend in March with my Ex. We broke up end of march. Had one night stand with a guy on April 2nd or 3rd. Got positive pregnancy test on April 7th. Got positive urine test at clinic (Very faint) on April 8th.

Also, first U/S at 7 weeks said Due Date Dec 18th. Dating scan at 12+ weeks said due date of Dec 13th (5 Days earlier).

I know there is no way to know 100% without DNA testing, just want to know who is most likely the father and when I conceived. Also, don't know when my LMP was.


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It's a guess but I'm guessing 1st guy.
No idea.
You are hoping for a lot.
I think you have to tell both, or none.
If you choose the former it might be a good idea to get a DNA test done, assuming those in the frame are willing.
God they didnt have these things when I was ..... younger
( no please someone dont ask.... what ? Babies ? )

earliest positive pregnancy test after ovulation

and you will find it is later than 7 d
( I guessed 14 d )

and so the father is ..... the ex and the deed was done end of March.

ring him up and tell him the good news ..... signed Mystic Meg

[one of my tenants used to refer to the father of her child as 'Dockhead' which wasnt very kind, was it ?]
Far more likely to be #1. The dates match better and you gave him more opportunity too. Added to what Peter Pedant says above, almost certainly #1.

earliest positive pregnancy test after ovulation

and you will find it is later than 7 d ////

( I guessed 14 d ) \\\

Great theorising excepty for the fact that she doesn't know when her last period was and hence doesn't know when she ovulated.

My answer idea.
It is your Ex. The 'one night stand' was too short a time before the test for it to be him. It would make it a lot easier to be sure if you could remember when your last period was.
2nd of April night stand.
8 April...positive test.

Could be night stand OR ex.

2nd April + 40 weeks = 7 January 2017 ...
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How on earth can it be the second guy if you only had sex with him 4 to 5 days before getting a positive result.

I'd say your ex is the father.
NoM that is the point........we have no idea when she ovulated.
That one night stand could be just after she ovulated and fertilisation took place within "hours"by the one night stand guy.
So 6 days later........a positive pregnancy test (slight)

Off to Club now.......;-)
No comment re the pregnancy but sooooo good to see Sqad back!
I would say 1st guy is more likely to be the daddy
Send your ex a message, ''please meet me bring 3 rings! Engagement,wedding,teething ! ''
-- answer removed --
Do tell us, LennaG. This is like Bridget Jones' Baby.

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When Did I Conceive/ Who Is Most Likely Father?

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