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What Do You Think Of The Name Rea Alanna King?

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AlexRalph21 | 16:46 Sun 02nd Sep 2018 | Pregnancy
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What do you think of the name Oscar Hawes?


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Very nice.
16:47 Sun 02nd Sep 2018
Very nice.
You had responses regarding 'Rea'

Oscar is a nice name.
Hmmm, pronounced Ray King? or Re ah King? Not keen
I like Oscar, but I had a dog called Oscar so it's slightly flavoured the name for me tbh.
Strange, I don't think Rea Alanna flows at all, the double A sound in the middle, quite the opposite and I thought it as soon as I read it before I saw the other thread.
Oh yes and at school - Rea King???
Like Oscar and think Alanna Ria sounds better.
I would stick with Rea Alanna. Swapping them round sounds like a disease.
sorry but you have oscar hawes who may get called oscar horse at school and rea allana who may get called dia-rea allover. Raally need to think things through. A friend of mines grandchild got called Teagan and she now gets called tea bag at school.
Whenever I hear the name 'Rea' I think of one of these:
(Yes, I know that the spelling is different but they sound the same).
I'm not sure that's the best image to conjure up in someone's mind when they hear the name of a person!

'Rea Alanna' also shouts 'Essex Girl!" to me. i.e. I might expect to see someone with that name featured on TOWIE but I'd think it unlikely that a candidate for the Governorship of the Bank of England would have such a name (unless, possibly, they were American).

I've met plenty of Oscars in my life - but every one of them has been canine! i.e. 'Oscar' sounds a bit like 'Fido' to me ;-)
I would just go with Alanna.Rea sound a bit old fashioned.
I fear for a girl named Rea,
For as a teen I reckon boys would be mean

Mirth abounds with an unusual name
Go for simple, strong and unfashionably lame

All joking aside, one these days has to look at all the possible permutations of how names sound, along with initials etc.
I have a work colleague married to an Andrew Hole. Not nice when it’s abbreviated to A. Hole.
I think you should choose a name that has meaning. Oscar just says Muppet to me, and possibly to children later on. As for Alanna Rea or vice versa. Sorry I think it's a bit chavvy, try saying it with an Essex twang and you will see that. Variations could be Aliana and Ria but not in combination.
I taught a boy called Wayne King (sorry to put a real name especially if you are now an ABer, you were a nice sensitive lad). The other kids were vicious about it. Something one has to consider when picking a name.
The Hunt family should avoid the name Michael for similar reasons. I did know a lovely young doctor from Slovenia called Jon Tomas he never did know why everyone kept sniggering
Sorry, Rea would be at the back !!!
Don't like either, I think they're hideous- but as it's your baby (I assume??) that your thinking of calling one of these names, does it really matter what anyone else thinks? You like em- you go for it :-)
Sounds good...
Why do you keep asking? 3 times now, what does it matter what we think, we will all have different views anyway.

Just have the confidence to go with the chosen name and stuff anyone else.

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What Do You Think Of The Name Rea Alanna King?

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