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has anyone had a forceps and ventouse delivery with 2 pregnancies

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carron81 | 12:50 Fri 21st Aug 2009 | Pregnancy
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Just wondering what are the chances of having two forcep and ventouse births?

I'm 3 months pregnant with my 2nd and going over how i'm going to give birth as I had a bad first birth and recovery

i was in going through the my labour notes yesterday and spoke to the midwife's and man who delivered my daughter. they said the chances of me having a birth like mines is very unlikely as it was a catalogue of events that went wrong rather than just one thing.

The problem is I live on an island so they said if the complications arise with my next birth they'd do a cesarean and wouldn't let me go into labour. but all my daughters problems started about 12 hours into labour so they wouldn't have much notice if i was to be flown

but where i stay they don't do cesareans unless its an emergency as they've not got the staff really to do it and i spoke to a nurse friend and she said the scar would be higher than how you'd get it in the mainland

But i still have my doubts on wheter to stay here and hope i have a normal delivery or go away to have my next baby in case something does go wrong theres more assistance.



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I didnt have a birth like your but with my first baby he had his shoulders stuck. It took ages to push him out once crowned as he didnt turn.

Second baby, I had it written all over my notes that id had problems previously and for medical staff to be aware.
2nd baby crowned and was out before the midwife and all her assistants could even lift my legs to help. She was exactly same size as her brother, big shoulders too.

I'd be inclined to agree with your midwife that all births are different. But if worried there is no harm in asking for a planned c-section elsewhere. Just consider the recovery time and the stay in hospital as you already have a little one.
I had a horrible first time - everything that I had thought they could do and some stuff that I hadn't even know about (taking blood from the baby before he was born, etc). I was in labour for ages and then had to have a ventouse, etc.

On my second baby I was only in the hospital for an hour (the midwife wouldn't even believe that I was in labour!).

All deliveries are different but I personally think that the second time around was easier as I wasn't so scared.

However, I do feel that if your are really worried then you should try to be nearer the place where you would have the baby as I don't think that home births are a brilliant idea (especially if there might be a problem). If you are prepared for the worse than it is sod's law that it wont happen but I had my third baby at home (by accident - still had my trousers on!) and if that birth had gone the way of my first child I don't think she would have made it.

Hope this helps (PS - have also had a cesarean - fourth baby turned into twins and because my third delivery was so quick and one twin was bigger than the other they made me have one - and whilst I was really scared it was OK although I am glad that I had the chance to prepare for it rather than have an emergency one).

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has anyone had a forceps and ventouse delivery with 2 pregnancies

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