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Pregnant after coming off Depo but no period?

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Pygmalion78 | 13:31 Thu 17th Sep 2009 | Pregnancy
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Hello, apologies in advance, this is a long post!

I came off depo earlier this year - my last jab was 30th January. Last time I came off depo (over 5 years ago) it took me about 5 months for my period to return (irregularly), and in total about a year for us to conceive.

Anyway for a few weeks I've been having breast tenderness, and other signals that things were getting back to normal and my period was imminent. About 3½ weeks ago I had some of that stretchy cervical mucus that would normally indicate ovulation. A week later I had brownish, very light discharge for about 2 days - I assumed this was my first post-depo period.

A week after that, I was feeling sick and threw up one evening. Unusual for me but I put it down to eating something dodgy. Since then I've been feeling sick, tired, and more hungry than usual. I had morning sickness very badly with my first pregnancy and all of the above symptoms, plus I had implantation bleeding, and it suddenly dawned on me yesterday that I could be pregnant. So off I went today and took one of those Clearblue digital all-singing all-dancing pregnancy tests with conception indicator - but it came back negative.

So my question is - if I was pregnant, surely it would show at this stage (I assume it's about 3+ weeks since conception, if it did occur at all?).

And is it possible to get pregnant after depo, without having a period - i.e. the first time of ovulating, you conceive, so no period occurs? I can't find anything on the internet about it. I am sure the chances are slim, but it's still possible?


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yes it is possible.

Wait a week or so and test again.

the breat tenderness and sickness may also just be hormonal as your cycle gets back to normal.
It is possible but I posted this link a while back about some of the side effects people get after coming off depo -

I was on it for 5 years and there were times I was convinced I was pregnant although I knew I couldn't be - if that makes sense. I think it took about 9 months after my last injection for my cycle to return to normal ( or as normal as mine gets anyway).

Of course not everybody gets these weird and wonderful symptoms so as red says, it's probably worth doing another test in a week or so.
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Hi Red & Yin, thanks for your replies. Yes I agree, depo can do some strange things, and it takes a long time to get back to normal afterwards. I hadn't even thought about pregnancy until I realised there might be another reason for all these things happening.

Last time I fell pregnant I knew within days that I was pregnant and long before I was able to get a positive pregnancy test result, I was just tuned in to the changes in my body. Which doesn't necessarily mean I'll be able to tell this time! I'll wait and see - I'm sure I'll either get a positive test or a period and then I'll know for certain :o)
Hi you may or may not be pregnant, wait and do another test in a week but yes it is possible to fall pregnant without having a period first. This happened to me with my 1st after coming off the pill. I had 4 months with no period then found out I was pregnant (not 4 months though). I guess I was just lucky enough to ovulate for the first time and happen to fall on.

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Pregnant after coming off Depo but no period?

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