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Disposable nappies / cotton nappies

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Mully79 | 11:47 Tue 13th Jul 2010 | Pregnancy
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When I had my daughter I had these grand ideas of using cotton nappies and one of these nappy washing services to boil wash them once or twice weekly, if my washing machine couldn't cope. In the end I resorted to disposable nappies, particularly with going to nursery I found it an easier solution and I just never got myself organised enough to go down the reusable route. This time around I'm thinking of trying reusable. Anyone done this, and was it cheaper / easier / better than disposables? Does it make toilet training etc any easier / more complicated? During potty training I ended up buying my daughter Asda smart price nappies, I found that they weren't as comfy or as absorbent as the other brands, and she therefore was less inclined to sit back and do the business in her nappy, than she would have been with the all-singing, all-dancing brands.


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Disposable nappies / cotton nappies

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