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Induced labour

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jb190281 | 20:26 Mon 24th Jan 2011 | Pregnancy
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Any experiences of induced labour? Im led to believe the pain is a lot more intense, a lot quicker. Anything else??


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Hi, I had my fourth baby induced, as I had my third one in 17 mins and was worried I wouldn't be able to drop my children off somewhere and get to the hospital in time to have him. I believe the pain is comparable with any length labour really. The process is the same, it's either longer and more drawn out, or quicker and more intense. The advantage if it's induced is that you will already be in hospital and ready and can organise whatever painkillers you want beforehand. Personally, I prefer quicker and more intense. My last one was slowed down and took hour and a quarter. You'll be fine. Good luck!
i was taken for induction at 42 weeks with my first. I was given 2 lots of pessaries with no real difference and so on 42+2 they decided to break my waters. I wouldnt say the pain was bad (i refused the drip as i wanted to see if i could go into labour myself) and within 2 hours i was contracting.
Labour was listed as being 6 hours from first contraction to birth and it wasnt really painful. In fact looking back the pain was no worse than my second natural labour. The only difference was that i didnt dilate fully as there was a bit of cervix caught and that took a good hour to clear.
I managed to breathe through the contractions and had no pain relief. I also laboured for 3-4 hours in the bath which is very relaxing and does help a lot with the pains.
but all labours are different, if you feel in pain then ask for drugs / epidural / bath etc.
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Thanks for your answers, good to hear some 'normal' experiences compared to some stories from my friends and especially the story told to me by a random stranger at the hospital
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Red, you mentioned pain relief there. I assume it's still poss to have an epidural after being induced?
jb. all labours are different, as are pregnancies.
Jb - I imagined all sorts before my first (turns out my imagination was crap), it is scary and I am the biggest baby on the planet. However, it didn't stop me having more so it cant be that bad! (ps - on the twins they made me have a c section and I was actually crying so much that they let me go first). I know it is easy to say, but please try not to get too stressed. If it helps, I had the second in under an hour and still had my trousers on with number three - as Anne has said, they are all different.
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Thanks to you both. I appreciate all labours are different, I think I needed reassurance that I'll be able to get some kind of pain relief, big wuss that i am
I had an epidural on my first because (I think) I was so wound up - but honestly, it's not that awful. Just think about your lovely baby and you will be fine. xxx
You're frightened of the unknown jb, and its perfectly normal. You'll be fine, yes giving birth is painful but look at the reward you have afterwards it is all worth it you'll see.

Good Luck and keep us updated we're all with you,

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Thank you! Everyone is always so lovely x
Yes it's possible to have an epidural when induced. If the drip is used to get things going then they may even suggest it without you needing to ask.
Don't forget though that it's still u to you, you can refuse induction if alls well and baby ok, but have to accept extra monitoring.
I went to be induced at 42 weeks. The night before the went to give me one of those thingybobs (lol) but when I was examined I was already dilated. Took me down the next morning and I was 3 cm...but still no contractions. They broke my waters and I went from 0 to 60 in about 5 minutes. 4 hours later I had a little girl.

I had my waters broke with my youngest as well. I was about 6cm by then. They gave me the option. Broke my waters and he was born within the hour. The last hour was really bad and I went into shock after...and I left it too late to have any drugs :-(
ummm, i think i went into mild shock with my second. woke up with a contraction at 12.40am and she was born in hospital at 2,40am. I was so stressed as we couldnt find the hospital entrance that by time i got to a room i climbed on bed, waters went and push she was out. Mr CRX walked into room (having abandoned car in disabled space) with seconds to spare. I just remember shaking so much afterwards for ages and not feeling very with it.
I wasnt induced, it was just the speed that did it.

jb, the reason for me not having pain relief is because of my fear of needles and also that gas and air made me feel horrible after 3 puffs.
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I'm finding more information here than I get with any midwife or professional I've spoken to so far - do they practice being patronising and useless?! Got 2 more appointments before D-day so might gather a few more snippets from them yet was the speed that put me into shock. It was horrible. I couldn't hold him...couldn't drink my tea...freezing cold...and puking (but that could have been the gas and air)
i had a lovely midwife with my 2, she was great. i recall her talking about the transition stage where nearly all women decide they cant do it and want to go home. Even she admtted to taking her own drips out and climbing off the bed telling her midwife she'd come back the next day to do it instead.

My friend has got to point where she doesnt want to even speak to her mid3wife anymore. Shes really ill and yet midwife is reducing number of visits (when i say ill i mean serious anaemia / MS / and also severe morning sickness which means she just cannot keep anything down) I suppose its just the way some are, which is a real shame as mums need to know whats going on and also be able to talk about worries with those they trust.
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I've seen 3 community midwives and a student, then at the hospital, wow, couldn't tell you how many different midwives/students/consultants etc I've seen.
It might be my paranoia but it doesn't feel like any one of them knows me and my situation, all well and good to read my notes. I think the birth is going to be a free for all, tickets available on the door!
once youre in labour they could walk the local footy team through the room and you wouldnt care lol
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Induced labour

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