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Worried Sick

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aggiela | 20:04 Thu 27th Jan 2011 | Pregnancy
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Hi All, I'm 36 weeks pregnant and had a growth scan today, at 28 wks baby was above average and today below average, just above the 10th percentile. The placenta is fine and I don't see my consultant to Monday so I've convinced myself there is something wrong. Has anyone else been through similar?


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Try phoning Tommy's Pregnancy Line tomorrow morning. You'll be able to speak to a qualified midwife:

My nephew and his partner were told that there was a concern with their baby as they assessed that her head was small and not growing - they tested for some syndrome that I cant remember the name off. She was however born perfectly healthy and with a perfectly normal head. 2 years old now and perfect in every way. Someone on here - think it was maybe Ummmm posted somewhere that she was always told in scans that they were concerned about the small size of her babies when she was pregnant but were all born a perfectly normal weight. Friends of ours were also scanned regularly as they thought the baby was not growing and despite only being just over 6lb at birth, she is now probably above average size for a 9 year old. Their consultant said in the end that some babies are just not destined to be big.

At the end of the day, they all grow at different rates and the centile charts are all based on averages - so some children will be at either end of the scale. I would try to chill out and speak to consultant on monday. It does not mean there is something wrong - if they were that worried they would have followed it up today.
you don say why you are under a consultant and the reason for the scan at 28 weeks.
Is there some reason why they were scanning at 28 weeks? was me. I was scanned every week, had to do a daily kick chart, and in for a day of monitoring. All this for 12 weeks (2 weeks overdue) tiny baby who wasn't growing was 7lb 14oz....

They mentioned the baby's size when I was pregnant with my son....I ignored them.
I had a similar expererience with my pregnancy, I got sent for numerous growth scans to be told everything was fine each time but baby was always measuring bigger than normal (sometime 2 weeks sometimes 4 weeks). I gave birth 5 days early and baby was a healthy 7lb 14oz. Try not to worry, i did at first then just enjoyed seing baby grow each time we had to go for a scan.
My midwife also told me my baby would be very small and she was worried. He was 15 days early and healthy. Weighed 7lbs.
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Thanks for your answers, I spoke to my midwife this morning and she said that I'll probably have another scan and tracings taken next week before they decide wither to deliver me early but hes moving lots so thats a good sign.
Redcrx the consultant likes to keep an eye on me because I have a history of miscarriage (4 before my daughter and 1 between her and this pregnancy). Thanks again folks I'll keep u posted.
The same thing happened with my sisters second pregnancy last year and it made them worry sick. Baby was born weighing just over 7lbs - not exactly small. She wasn't putting weight on to begin with and actually lost weight at one point (although she was a ver sicky baby) but now 5 months and she's starting to pile the pounds on and is a beautiful, healthy little bundle of smiles.
I had similar in my first pregnancy, my daughter was classed as 'small for dates' from about week 28 onwards and I was scanned weekly until admitted to hospital at 38 weeks with pre eclampsia. My daughter weighed 5lb 9 ½ oz but was healthy.
Good luck, aggie - let us know how you get on.
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Just to let you all know that my consultant isn't too worried at all, I'm not worried that he'll be small I just wonder why his growth tailed off, I've to go for another scan within the next fortnight but, I'm hoping hes born before then.
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