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Simple song about fruit? Suggestions?

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Cmitchell | 21:13 Mon 07th May 2012 | Family & Relationships
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Can anyone think of a simple song about Fruit for a Year 1 (5 to 6 year olds) Assembly?

All help much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



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Oranges and Lemons, maybe? Not specifically about fruit per se, but very easy...
Oranges and lemons?
The Banana Boat Song..beautiful Calypso..
I Had a Little Nut Tree
I had a little nut tree.
Nothing would it bear,
But a silver nutmeg
And a golden pear.

The King of Spain's daughter
Came to visit me,
And all for the sake
Of my little nut tree.
I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts?!?! lol
I remember that one, mamya (Listen with Mother taught me most of these!)
Yes we have no bananas, a history lesson thrown in.
'Cherry ripe, cherry ripe
Ripe I cry. Full and fair ones, come and buy.....'
Can it be about veg as well? Cauliflowers Fluffy, Cabbages Green is a lovely one; or you could use the same tune but change the words?
johnny appleseed
Strawberry Fair
Blueberry hill

One bad apple

Who's in the strawberry patch with Sally?
"I Had a Little Nut Tree"

The "Little Nut Tree" refers to the genitalia of Prince Arthur, older brother of Henry VIII. The King of Spain's daughter is Katherine of Aragon who was married to Arthur, and after his death to Henry. Decency forbids me to elaborate on the significance of "silver nutmeg" and "golden pear".
Better keep it under your hat, Mike!

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Simple song about fruit? Suggestions?

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