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child concentration in school

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dmh9282 | 18:59 Mon 14th May 2012 | Family & Relationships
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My sons P1 teacher spoke to my wife after school today. She said that our son hasn't been concentrating in class and gets very distracted easily, she has to bring him into class early in the morning to get ready for the day. Is it me or is this normal behaviour for a 5 year old, is the teacher expecting too much, am i reading too much into it. we have never had a problem with him doing his homework and his handwriting and reading is brilliant for the level he should be reading at. Bearing in mind he isn't the only kid who has had issues this year.


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What other issues have there been?
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From what my wife has told me from what she has heard in the playground from other mums is the behaviour of the children, not listening to the teacher. again imagine probably reading too much into this, its just hard to understand whenever he has come on so well over the past 7/8 months
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Meant to type i'm not imagine
We had a similar issue when my son was in P3. He was easily distracted, spent a lot of time staring out the window and then was hard to re-engage in lessons. The teacher confirmed that he was completing his work and was still at the top of the class academically. When we suggested that he was maybe bored this didn't go down very well!! He was by the age of 7 half way through reading the Harry potter books but was still being given simple books at school which didn't interest him. She refused to move him on until he completed them. Anyhoo, she thought that he maybe had some issues so referred him to speak and language therapy (??!!) After a full assessment by them, they concluded that he was very bright and was therefore probably bored!!! Your son may be in a similar position with a teacher who doesn't give him work that is interesting and challenging so he drifts off. I guess that you are in Scotland by the use of P1 rather than year 1. Strangely this teacher now teaches P1 at my son's school - it would be funny if we were talking about the same person!!
I would take this teacher's comments with a pinch of salt . (Or probably a packet of salt.)
If you and you wife think he is doing well, he almost certainly is.
He's in P1 for goodness sake...he cannot be expected to concentrate for very long.
Wait and see what next year's teacher has to say about him.
The first thing I thought before I read the replies was that maybe he's bored. I have a boy in my nursery who is very bright and the stuff we do as a whole class is just not challenging enough; he is usually very good but has recently been acting up so we're going to start doing some extra activities with him to move him on and hopefully keep the boredom at bay! If it's not that is there anything that could be troubling him which means he worries in class rather than concentrating? I would also question how long he's being asked to concentrate for on a single thing; at 5 most children can only concentrate for about 15 minutes in a classroom if they're not actively involved in what's going on.
supposing he has *bad concentration skills*, and not a bad teacher, you may like to try any/all of the following items on this aussie fact sheet:

i don't criticise all TV progs, films and PC games, but they don't stimulate the brain like live conversations and games can!

fish oils or flax oils can help!
non/low sugary breakfast foods can help!
proper hydration can help!

also, does he enjoy school or is he bullied or anxious ... ?

good luck and i'm sure this will blow over!
Have you got any concerns about his hearing? Maybe he is not concentrating because he can't hear the teacher.
.......or need glasses??
yes, quietly consider an eye and hearing test! and keep up varied interests and promote concentration outside of school!
Question Author
we've had his hearing tested, which has been fine, he is short sighted and has been wearing glasses since he was 2 and regularly attends the opthalmologist, so the lens prescription is kept up to date.
I find it incredible that a teacher would suggest taking a 5 year old to school earlier in the day than the rest of his class .What is he going to be doing in this time that will help prepare him for his day?
Something of this nature which makes him appear different to his little friends cannot in my view help with his concentration----total rubbish. All this will do is make him feel different to the others and maybe put him off school for good.
In effect he is being punished for not concentrating fully during the day.He is only 5 years old for goodness sake.
Think the teacher needs to look at what she is delivering to these 5 year old, and ask herself is it stimulating, and offering adequate challenges for these little ones.
I find it upsetting that a five year old has already got a label which says "lacks concentration" Perhaps the teacher needs one saying "my lessons are boring-- so look away now."

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child concentration in school

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