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should i go on holiday with family or stay with boyfriend?

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Char_Beyy | 23:29 Mon 09th Jul 2012 | Family & Relationships
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I know this my seem like a dumb question and the obvious answer is "go on holiday with family" but I have made plans and arrangements with my boyfriend and promised we would spend the summer together. but I really want to go on holiday and I know im going to miss the family fun. but I dont want to let my boyfriend down and break another promise. help??

im 18 by the way.

i spoke to my boyfriend and he said, its fine as long as im happy but to sleep on it first just in case. so that's what im going to do, now the more I think about the more I don't want to let him down.

The only reason this came up was because I heard my family talking about the holiday plans and it got me down.. and before that I was completely fine with staying with him.

my parents let us have the house to our selves, had done a food order for us and they were trying to think of fun ideas for me and the boyfriend to do together. Also my family are arranging a girly holiday with my cousin and auntie later on in the summer for me to go on with them.

Also my boyfriend wont go with me, he doesn't like travelling, and I understand and respect his opinion.
Something else he needs to be close to his mum just in case something happens


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at some stage you begin holidaying separately from your family, though it doesn't have to be an overnight break. But breaking away from your family and starting a family of your own is one of the stages of human life. Somewhere along the line you'll want to be with him more than with them, and that's normal.

Sounds like you're not quite there yet. But your boyfriend's doing his best to help, saying he won't kick up a fuss, which is generous. So you can do whatever your heart tells you, after you've slept on it.

Only you can decide, but good luck.
How long is the family holiday? is it the whole summer or is there any reason that you can't go on the family holiday and spend summer with your boyfriend. In all fairness, and in hindsight (this coming from a 30 something year old) - you're 18, you're probably not going to have an awful lot more family holidays - you'll be moving on, flying the nest etc in the next few years, so make the most of it and go - because it sounds like you want to! If boyf doesn't like travelling then, not being harsh, but that's for him to worry about - if you stay home to be with him you'll likely get a bit bitter towards him and feel like you're missing out. So go - have fun, be carefree while you can! xx
Go with your family. You are 18 there wont be many family holidays the older you get. By next year Im sure you will be off doing your own thing. Make the most of the family opportunities. You are so lucky and so are your folks. How many kids just cant wait to break loose from their familys.
Do what you wish to do.

If you can not decide then toss a coin. When you see the result think about whether you are happy with the result, or want to make it 'best out of three'.

By the way, this family holiday, lasts the whole summer does it ?
He doesn't like travelling and he wants to stay close to him mum? He sounds a bit immature to me, perhaps a bit of a mummy's boy. Go on holiday with your family and forget about him.
Is there something the matter with his mother, that makes him feel he doesn't want to go away?
I assume your parents are at least 40. nobody knows whats around the corner.
savor the time with your parents go.
This is the same for me but my boyfriend isn't happy his saying I'm out of order for going on hoilday we been going out if 2 years and we 19 is he right or just being to moaning .. He saying I shouldn't want to go on hoilday but it's with m family and it's only for 4 days

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should i go on holiday with family or stay with boyfriend?

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