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My Daughter 27 Is In A Relationship With My Ex Boyfriend/best Friend 50. How Do I Get Over The Hurt And Find Closure?

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Kimberly9303 | 14:23 Tue 18th Mar 2014 | Family & Relationships
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I have been in my current relationship for 3 yrs. My boyfriend and I needed help moving so we paid for the help of my daughter and her husband. Us paying them to help us move made it possible for them to move close to us. Soon, my daughter got in a fight with her husband and ended up in the sack with my ex who was at this point my best friend and because of problems in my current relationship we were even considering getting back together, which my daughter was fully aware of. I have not seen them for 6 daughter, my best friend (soul mate), my son in law, my 2 grandbabies and all of my friends (whom were mutual friends of my ex and I). Because it goes against my morals to accept that my ex was introduced for 7 yrs to my daughter as a child and was now having sex with her.


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Does your son in law know?

There isn't much you can do. They've done the deed. You're either going to have to forgive or stay away from them. 6 months isn't a long time...
deep breath suck it up move on.
Wow, it's sounds like soap opera... Kimberly, you can do simply nothing. We all know how awkward situation is it for you. Anyway, you must take your time. If time will not help you cure your wounds, let it go. I know it's your daughter but she also should think about your feelings. If she sees her man departs us , she also should consider what to do.
Oh dear and they say "blood is thicker than water" if only your daughter had taken into consideration your feelings before letting lust take over. Given time hopefully your daughter will realise the hurt she has caused you,for men can come and go but we only have one mother.

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My Daughter 27 Is In A Relationship With My Ex Boyfriend/best Friend 50. How Do I Get Over The Hurt And Find Closure?

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