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I Am 17 Years Old And My Mom Won't Help With Me Financially At All

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Coney5 | 22:05 Sat 06th Aug 2016 | Family & Relationships
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I am 17 years old and going to become a senior in high school this year. Ever since I turned 14, I been working during the summer to get pocket money to spend it on stuff. I thought it was going to be nice for my mom since she won't have to give me money. Every single summer I made enough for me to survive the year so I never asked my mom to give me money, so it was all good.
Now I am 17 and this summer i only was able to get a job that is only twice a week for 3 hours a day so I only get about 60 dollars a week.
That's usually good for me, but since we are going to graduate this year, me and my friends decided to plan to go to Tokyo next summer before we go our separate ways. I asked my mom if that's cool and she said okay. She even offered me to buy plane tickets for me which I was so happy about.
Today I was talking to her and I mentioned that it was good that I didn't work everyday because now I get to relax, actually have a summer before I become an adult and work full time, and spend time with her and go to college tours more often, as soon as I said that she started to get really *** of at me yelled at me how I haven't don't a lot of college research and I should be working getting money and how it's my fault I'm struggling to save enough money. She then said she's not going to help me with anything for the trip to Japan next year.
I'm reminding you, I am a full time high school student, paying for food, transportation, clothes, needs and everything. I bought my own MacBook Pro, camera, iPod, and 3DS cause she refuses to buy me anything.
She refuses to get me a phone and she says if I want one, I have to buy my own and pay the monthly bill with my money so I don't have a phone.
Last year, with all my saved money I went to Japan by my self to visit my grandma. I bought the plane tickets and everything I spent there all with my own money. I didn't ask her for any kind of help.
My dream for college was to go to Japan and study there, but my mom said if I want to do that, I have to pay for tuition alone and she won't help me at all and I honestly don't want to live in debt my life, so I gave up on that dream and I decided to go to a cheap college by my area. I also get finacial aid, so I'll probably be able to go to college for free.
Right now I'm saving up money and I only have about 150 and maybe about 300 at the end of the summer. I won't be able to have a job during the school year because of school. I take extra curricular classes that require me to be in school much more longer.
My mom claims that helping me out with my trip to Japan isn't a valid reason to give me money and I should figure out how to pay for it all by my self. She is acting like she's my friend or sibling, not my mom. When I ask her to her me a little bit with money, she yells at me saying how she's a single parent and she's working hard to pay the rent, and which I under stand but I feel like she should push me more towards my dreams and help me when I really need the help. Not crushing my dreams.
I really wanted to go far away for college, but my mom said that she is going to follow and live with me wherever I go. She says how she's lonely and has no where else to go.
She says that the reason why I'm so poor right now is because I bought my self a MacBook Pro a few months ago because I didn't have a laptop prior and it was hard to do homework. Plus I'm a film major at school I wasn't able to edit at home. She also says she doesn't want to help out because I didn't need to buy a MacBook.
I just want her to help me when I really need it. I have ever asked money from her my whole life and now I ask her she still refuses and says to do it by my self.
She needs to realize that I'm just a 17 year old girl trying to have a little fun while I'm still in high school and not a adult working full time.
I don't know if it's me being selfish asking for money but I honestly can't support my self.


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s/o wise fella said (BC) said 90% of scams involve requests for money
and here is another of the 90%
Who have you asked? And what did they give, if anything?
Yes, it is you being incredibly selfish.
Have you ever heard of the phrase "first world problems"?
Cut your cloth according to your means... strangely I got to travel more and buy the things I wanted when I reached adulthood and had enough money to do so. It is time to stop depending on your mum.
it might be ..... asking us
I note there is no contact email
but it will come ! be patient, it will come !

Adam Peaty has done very well in the swimming, readers....
If she fully supports herself and has bought everything she says, including flights to Japan, then I need lessons in budgeting from her. All this was last year at the age of 16. I suggests she writes a book on finance. It will be a best seller.
ps if you are so annoyed with your mum, move out (and add on rent, electricity, gas, water bills etc to wht you already pay)
If sounds like she can not afford it. Sometimes in life you have to cut your coat according to your cloth.
I left school at the age of 15 and handed my unopened paypacket to my mum, so think yourself lucky young lady.
She's obviously in America, so I'm confused but the mixed use of school and college!
High school = secondary school
College = university ( or possibly a 2-year degree )
You are only 17 and have managed to tick quite a few boxes already - your Mum isnt an endless pit of money so give her a break and start making your own way so you really appreciate the value of money.
oh my gerd, your mum should totally pay for your fun, this is a scandal.
-- answer removed --
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