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Homelessness - Council Housing Scotland

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helpfulelf | 02:50 Mon 13th Feb 2017 | Family & Relationships
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Hey everyone,

I currently live in a council house in Scotland. I live with my 1 year old. We have recently suffered from quite severe and on-going domestic abuse (my solicitors, the police and courts have been trying their best to help end it). I have recently been advised by Women's Aid that I should declare myself to the council as Homeless - fleeing abuse.

Does anyone have any experience of doing something like this? Would we need to move into temporary accommodation until something comes up? What kind of accommodation would it likely be? B&B type thing? Would this likely be something that would take months or years to solve? I understand it would more or less come down to the area this is happening etc.
I am very concerned about taking my child to somewhere that might not be too safe (obviously safer than the current situation) so I am a bit terrified of being 'stuck in the homeless loop' as I've heard it being referred to in the news and so on.
Any advice or experience shared would be much appreciated.



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So sorry to here about your abuse,hope things improve 100% for you both asap.
I hope you and your little one get help very soon. xx
Shelter Scotland can probably give you advice. See the links on this page or call the number shown:
Sadly, in the UK and many other otherwise "developed" countries, the support mechanisms available to people in your position remain flawed and sometimes either inadequate or bogged down in disjointed bureaucracy. There is no way to be certain (or even expect) that the system will quickly or satisfactorily solve your housing need but, in my opinion at least, you should not put up with abuse a moment longer. That is easily said by someone who does not have to make the choice, I know, but abuse leaves a long and dark trail through life, not least for the very young.
most likey B&B a\t first or womens aid shelter but as you have a young chid you will have priority status..good luck, you are doing the right thing xx

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Homelessness - Council Housing Scotland

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