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Tne Little Houses - Words Of Rhyme

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MrVic | 18:01 Sat 17th Feb 2018 | Family & Relationships
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Can anyone supply the words for "Ten little houses"?
I heard it broadcast a few times. Probably BBC but possibly ITV, maybe thirty years ago.
It always appealed, and it bugs me not to be able to complete it

The rhyme describes the progress of a ball from house to house

1 Ten little houses all in a row
Don'r forget I told you sso

2 .... boy ... playing ...ball

3 next door
.... number four




7 Number seven very irate
Threw the ball over to number eight

8 .... wrapped .. with paper andt twine
carefully addressed it to number nine

9 The postmane absently mindedly then
Poste the ball to number ten

10 I really don't think I need repeat
There were no more houses in that street


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Tne Little Houses - Words Of Rhyme

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