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Why Would Your Mom Lock The Door On You?

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Tiffmeg87 | 18:53 Mon 01st Oct 2018 | Family & Relationships
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I have a question...because I'm at a loss for words and I want to understand. If you went to go pick your kids up from your mothers house (making your kid her grandkids) and your kid comes and gets in the car upset because her grandmother won't let her take HER ps4 back home with her. To find out why this is you get out the car and approach the apartment door (your mothers) to ask why is she keeping the ps4, as your approaching her she runs inside her apartment and slams and locks the door yelling from behind it "Shes not going to take it it's staying here". Standing outside the locked apartment door of your mother's apartment you ask why is she keeping it and why did she run inside and lock the door. Her reply is she's not taking it because I'm getting her a phone tomorrow, and you have problems going on at your house. Confused you ask for her to please open the door and what does any of that have to do with her granddaughter not being able to take her ps4? (Her grandson had brought his xbox360, but she didn't try to stop him from taking it back home with him). She replies no I'm not going to open the door and I'm keeping it so I can talk to her about her phone. So you ask how does that make any sense she pauses then says(from behind the locked door) tell my granddaughter to come here she can come get it. You walk out to your car get in, your daughter goes and gets the ps4. Sitting in the car extremely confused about why your own mother would feel the need to lock her door and refuse to open it to talk to you but the day before your mother and you were completely fine.


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Take a deep breath. Give it 24 hours. Then raise the matter if you still need to but it may all have blown over
18:56 Mon 01st Oct 2018
Take a deep breath. Give it 24 hours. Then raise the matter if you still need to but it may all have blown over
So precisely and concisely what is your question?
You're wasting your (and our) time here. The only person who can answer this is your mother - not some stranger from cyberspace.
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Question Author
Why would my mother feel the need to run and lock herself inside when i approach her to ask a question. Is my question
Have you asked your daughter what went on earlier? Have you asked her what she had to "say" to get her ps4 back. The row was not about you...… was about them.
Well Im sure your daughter would be able to shed a light on what had been going on earlier, you will have to ask her.
Do let us know the other side of the story.
Maybe she got the wrong end of the stick and went ab it too far?

I would talk to daughter and son about what happened, what conversations occurred to 1, make her know about a phone and 2, make her think along the lines of "too much tech and distraction" or what not..

Your mum sounds as crazy as my mum.. read my post!
FF good answer

locks the door etc - because she feared a confrontation where she was not backed up

you dont know ( or tell us ) that the previous conversation was between the grandmother and grandchild
" I will buy you a phone tomorrow but ...." etc

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Why Would Your Mom Lock The Door On You?

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