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Dna Results

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Le Chat | 22:14 Mon 01st Jul 2019 | Family & Relationships
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I took a DNA test with Ancestry and the results came back that I was 70% Italian, the rest Spanish with a tiny percentage from other non British countries.
Both my parents and their families were from Liverpool and before that both sides came over from Ireland during the potato famine.
My sister and mother have now taken the same test and have no Italian or Spanish but are English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh as expected.
My father is no longer with us, so we cant test him but I am definitely his! How does this happen?


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Because it’s cobblers. How does the ‘test’ know where to stop down your lineage? Answer: it doesn’t.
agree zax
the tests are pretty useless -
nothing wrong with DNA or analysis, it is just these commercial ones dont much
But now your DNA is in their database, which isn't wise.
I would ask for my money back.

I bet if you sent another sample under an assumed name, it would come back with different results.
Too right Hoppy, probably 70% Corgi, 20% Irish Setter and 10% mongrel.

I wouldn't waste my time or money with these DNA testing companies.

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Dna Results

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