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I'm Stressed From My Pregnancy.. I'm Not Happy

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Amri | 04:04 Fri 18th Feb 2022 | Family & Relationships
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I'm married for 4 years.Me and my mother in law does not go together from the time of my marriage.I had PCOS problem.She told the nearby neighbors that I am unfit to bear a child. I got really ashamed and cried alot. I decided to leave my Husband and walked out of the house. But he was not interested to leave me.My mother and mil fought very badly. So I didn't speak to my mo. since it will make my Husband's respect downfall.No one is there to support me.Me and my Husband lived together away from his parents. After two years I got pregnant.. Since no one is there for me to take care, my husband decided to bring his mother to look after me since my doctor asked me to be in complete bed rest from the intial stage of my pregnancy due to high risk. I asked him not to bring his mother, she will ruin my entire pregnancy. I plan to set maid to take care of me. He said no his mom is good.He made his mom to come. Whenever my Husband goes to office, she has never gave me food on time in pregnancy. I told her mom I'm really feeling very hungry please give me food. She never responded to me and was watching tv. I was starving like hell. After 1 hr only she gave me food. This happened many times whenever my Husband was in office. So I told him that your mom is not giving me food properly on time.He started arguing with me that his mother is like God. Don't speak bad about her.I really felt sad. I thought let me go in the kitchen and cook by myself even during high risk. But his mother never allowed me in my kitchen stating that it's my son's house I have all control. In 8th month of my pregnancy, my mil didn't give me food for the whole day and I fainted and fell down when my husband was not there,later I got up and called my Husband that this happened to me, he came rushing to home and took me to the hospital.. His mom got afraid. Then my blood sugar level was very low ranging 47.The doctor warned my Husband and mil if this happens again then there is no guarantee in my pregnancy.I told him that his mother didn't give me food that's why I fainted, but still he didn't believe me and he said that she might be not well or sleeping. Again I was stressed out.Finally it was my due. Doctor decided for a c section and I delivered. But my baby was very underweight.I felt very sad.Inside my hospital room after the operation I was lying in the bed searching to see my baby in the crib. Mil was holding my baby. I said mom please show my baby I want to seeher for the first time. She didn't even respond to me and holding my child. My husband was not in the room. I felt really bad. Once my Husband came again I asked her to show my baby then she showed and took back. I told my husband she's doing like this, again he didn't believe me.I got discharged from the hospital 2nd day and went home. The next day I as shocked to see my breast size decreased and I'm discussing with my Husband due to this whether milk supply will reduce? suddenly mil entered our room and started blasting at me stating that "Do you think you are so beautiful?Look at your breasts how huge and embarrassing it is? Look at your big and ugly belly with stretch marks.I started crying very badly. My Husband warned his mom for her attitude.She got angry Later she came to my room and said that my son is so handsome I don't know what made him to choose you ugly woman. He likes only slim and beautiful girls. I replied if so, then let me take my child and live separately.She said even now amazing girls will come and stand in queue to beg my son to choose them. Shall I prove it?These words triggered me and I was in stitch pain and no proper breast milk supply, finally I started shouting and abusing her to leave our house. This was the first time ever I behaved very badly to her.My Husband got shocked and angry.With heavy stitch pain I took my newborn and left house. My Husband stopped me and made his mom to leave our house.Still he talk to her. Her plan is to separate my marriage. What to do???


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You already posted this the other day. How about you go back to the other thread and engage with those who bothered to answer you.
Life’s too short to read all that.
I read this post on here last week, and at the time several people showed you great sympathy and respect and made some suggestions to try to help you.
I noticed that you did not bother to reply when people tried to help you.
Now you have posted the same story again, do you think that people should now give their time once again to repeating what they said the last time? Would you even bother to read it?
How is OP supposed to go back to the other it no longer appears to exist?
It's here under another name.Bit iffy. wonder I couldn't find it. Maybe OP forgot who she was...
It happens...
I'm guessing Sweetha/Amri is in the far East so we won't know much about getting help for her if this is getting genuine. She has Internet access so if she wanted to escape her MIL with the baby she could look up womens shelters in that region.

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I'm Stressed From My Pregnancy.. I'm Not Happy

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