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EllieJP | 23:50 Tue 28th Mar 2023 | Family & Relationships
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So I’ve been in a relationship that officially started recently. But we’ve been ‘together’ since June last year. Things have been going amazingly. He’s got mainly female friends which have never been an issue for me, I trust him and I like them too! I also have friends of the opposite sex again which he hasn’t an issue with.
We’ve just decided to book a holiday away for 2 weeks to Mexico during the 6 week holidays.. As soon as my holiday was approved I messaged to say let’s book it!
Tonight we’re chatting on FaceTime and he’s telling me about his friend, and she asked if it’s a good idea if we go away together? What if you guys break up etc? Then telling him to make sure it’s booked in his name just incase anything happens.
At first I thought fair enough, just a friend looking out for a friend. Then I realised I’d told my best guy and girl friends and none of them had the same reaction! All of them were happy for me, asking where we were going, when, how long, resort etc..
So after procrastinating I decided to tell him her comment has really bothered me! He thinks I’m over reacting and I’ve considered that too! But I’m here thinking do I have rubbish friends that don’t care or was that an *** comment??
Just because we’ve only been seeing each other 10 months! Why couldn’t the same be said for any couples despite length of relationship?! Then I’m thinking is she jealous? It’s really put me in a downer about the whole thing.
We’re going on a couple of weekends away before then to Dublin and Venice and nothings been said to my knowledge about those!
At the minute, I’m sure it’s because I’m so annoyed but I don’t even feel like going now! But that also feels like I’m cutting off my nose to spite my face!
Am I just over reacting? I feel like I am. But at the same time I feel like I’m not!
Apologies for the ridiculous post!


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What about your online friend you've known for nearly 20 years, I thought you were going away with him for a weekend?
Question Author
I took the advise given and ran for the hills, kudos on your research although not sure of it’s current relevance.
How often do you meet up with your boyfriend?

You need to sit down with him and talk about your trip plans. See how he reacts. It could be that he is telling you that he doesn't want to go away with you but is too cowardly to tell you.

Mexico is becoming pretty dangerous lately I would avoid it - but maybe I am being over cautious
Ask him straight do's he want to go or not. If he says he wants to go ask him to pay his half of it or deposit now. If not forget it.
Pis this just an online relationship.?
Just realised what AITA means.
The answers no your not....but you both need to sort this out and make it work or forget it
Question Author
Every weekend, occasionally during the week. He wants to go, this is a comment his friend made yesterday that’s really wound me up. Nothing has changed for him, he thinks I’m overreacting. I’m just so wound up!
you are not TA, but neither are he or she imo. From her POV (and in fact EVERYONE's POV it's quite a sensible question. Those sorts of things do happen all the time and one is stuck with a holiday that one has paid for and can't use. If you thnk about it, that's over half your relationship's length away. If i were to b=in the same situation, proportionally, it's like me booking a holiday with my husband in 15 years time - who knows what'll happen before then!
I don't think much of it either, some people are just more of a a worrier and anyone who's been in a position of trying to claim back a cancelled holiday would know it's a tedious and sometimes fruitless task. Maybe this friend has experience of that.

As to Barsel and kudos there is nothing stalkerish or effort required. We can all click on your name and see all your questions and answers instantly. I regular look at other poster's profiles to gain an insight. And you were talking about another guy only in September.
i have to agree with prudie - you had been with current guy five months, five months ago when you had deep feelings for someone else ... the holiday is in 5 months ... might you (or he) have deep feelings for someone else by then?

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