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Do I Go To Dog Home Later Today?

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abbeylee90 | 05:41 Wed 15th Nov 2023 | Family & Relationships
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I just wondered if I should go down dogs home later today so I'm not down there when the man is and I don't have to go to zoo



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Only you can answer that - you're up early this morning!

You don't have to go to the zoo. Just tell him no.


I thought it was trip to pub with him and his mate...

...or am I confused???

Question Author

No that was other day.....I'm down he hasn't said anything 

The older man also wanted to take her to the Ape and monkey sanctuary.  see a different thread amongst all her other threads,  She is gradually taking over AB 😀

You don't have to go anywhere with him, just say no thanks.

Now answer 5.  I predict 105 very soon.  

8...and counting 

Question Author

Its fine I'm in town now 

I dont think we should be micro-managing your day

chrissakes if you dont want to meet him, dont meet him,

but DON'T say

foo yeah I will come an see dat lovely film with you, I always wanted to go with someone like you

Abbey isn't real, she is laughing at us. 

I've read that she is a real person- verified by barry who I've a great respect for. It just seems odd, though, all the questions, one after another. 

I think she gets up and thinks "how am I going to get them (Abers) going today - jobs, men, nails ,clothes, social life, etc. etc.!

Dunno. Are you a dog ?


Abbey has Dyspraxia she has said. Although aged 31, she writes similar to a teenager, asking questions a person without her condition woild not really ask. She has difficulty in making the simplest of decisions. We have to respect that. She is dedInitely real I can also verify. 



* definitely 

Floko she was diagnosed as a 5 year old with no treatment etc I find that very strange 


I am not medically trained to understand the true complexities, but have read several articles and have friends whose adult children have problems with communication. Abbey has said she has now joined a support group on FB 



 I know how you feel 😉

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Do I Go To Dog Home Later Today?

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