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What Excuse Can I Make Not To Go To My Friends?

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abbeylee90 | 21:46 Thu 30th Nov 2023 | Family & Relationships
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I'm going out tomorrow but I don't want to go over my friends to get ready like she's asking what do I say?



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I had a friend like this. She wanted all the girls together getting ready to go out, like we were in an American teen movie. Another friend said 'Ok, I'll come and put my lipstick on while you get ready'. 
Maybe you could say the same to your friend. 

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Clovo doesn't make sense 

Abbey/  Why do you need to have a prolonged discussion on this subject?  Surely you say a definite "no" and that's that - no excuse needed!  Meet her at wherever you are going.

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No I told I'll meet at whatever time in town and she thinks its to go to her house not at where we're going

You'll just have to put her right about that - is she thick?

What time have you got to be there, wherever it is you are going?

Just tell her you are not going to her house you will meet her in town.

Say youve got to do something beforehand and so ur planning on going to meet her straight from that, 

Tell your friend you can't take the pictures round as they a abit fragile but heavy ,and why would they want landscapes and pictures of you family members in their house .Maybe a nice bevelled mirror would do instead .

"See you at the venue. NOT  at your place " 

Tell her that you will meet her at the venue then ask her will she be waiting inside or outside for you to meet her? Or I'll meet you at the bar area at 8pm, etc. If she still acting persistent just stick to repeating your intended meeting place politely, saying "No silly, your are misunderstanding me. I said I'll meet you at the bar, inside the venue at 8pm."

Don't make an excuse.  Just be honest and say thanks for the invitation but you won't be coming to her house because you prefer to get ready at home.

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What Excuse Can I Make Not To Go To My Friends?

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