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Why Did He Reject Me?

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lolitasteward | 14:28 Sat 23rd Dec 2023 | Family & Relationships
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I'm a 23-year-old women and I've been admitted to a 3-year acting course I have to frequent every day.

I met this 24-year-old guy who's my classmate and I kind of became obsessed with him in my head, because he's 192 cm tall and despite being so tall, he seemed so shy and sweet. I tried to befriend him at first and he paid me a lot of attention during the first few weeks. Joked around with me, complimented me for my skills, encouraged me to go on with my studies, texted me, patted me on my head, etc. But then he changed his house. Initially he wanted to become my roommate, but we didn't find an apartment. His roommate who's one of our classmates is a 19-year-old guy who has too much experience with girls and he's a bit of a player. One day I kissed my crush on his neck (I couldn't reach his cheek since I'm only 160 cm tall) and he backed up and laughed and said:"Thank you. You're very kind.". Then the day after he became very cold. He started playing games with me. One day he'd distance himself from me and pay too much attention to a girl in our class and the other time he'd try to study with me and joke around. Sometimes he'd become too rude and tell me my voice is so bad and I shouldn't sing at all during our singing lessons. Then yesterday as a way to say goodbye before leaving for the holidays, we all gathered in a bar to drink and I jokingly called him an a*se and he took it personally though I apologised twice. He even stopped talking to me a few minutes before because I hugged another guy. While leaving he hugged the other girl and call her a "beauty". He hugged me but in a very cold manner. The after a few hours he texted me to say:"Don't torment yourself too much. Between you and me there can ONLY be a friendship."

Am I ugly in his eyes? Was I too rude? I feel worthless.



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You are just not his type, it happens.

Enjoy Christmas and put him out of your mind

That's the way it goes   ..  plenty more fish in the sea!

It's part of the human condition to want others to find us attractive as we find them, but sometimes it's just not to be, and that hurts.

Your friend 's lack of reciprocation of feelings is not a reflection on you, or him, it's simply not a match.

Being rejected is hard, but it's not about who you are, and you must remember that.

Your hurt will pass, and now your mind is free to be receptive to someone else.

Have a wonderful Christmas,  and try not to dwell on this.

Nice sympathetic and kind reply Andy.

Thankyou Rosie, it's very sweet of you to say so,  xx.

his loss, your gain!!

He's laid it on the line - friendship only. Unrequited love of a good friend is hard to handle, but don't let it get you down, look elsewhere in the "pond".

And stop kicking yourself, you did nothing wrong.

Good luck.

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Why Did He Reject Me?

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