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Why Didn't He Reply But Read Message Quick?

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honeybun35 | 03:21 Wed 24th Jan 2024 | Family & Relationships
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I sent a sexy video to my male friend. The msg was read as soon as I sent it . He didn't even reply. So I apologized for sending it to him. He then replied never apologize for that. Thoughts please. 



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Why did you send it?

'He didn't even reply' suggests there was a question. Was it a video of you Had?Had you asked anything?  Maybe he thought it was odd for 50 + year old to be doing this and felt uncomfortable.

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You are playing silly dangerous games.

Don't demean yourself in this way.

If you want people to have respect for you, you need to start by respecting yourself.

It wasn't a video of you - was it?  

wow, is a thing now, sending sexy videos to ones friends?  my friends would think i'm bonkers, and id never be able to look them in the eye again.  I'ts like seeing your friends in their swimming costumes - you can never unsee it  :)

I can imagine my wife's reaction if I sent her a sexy video of me - great hilarity.  I'd never live it down.  

He was perhaps too busy forwarding it to all his contacts.

I am 50+ the same as the OP and if I sent a sexy video to my male friends they would lock me up thinking I had lost it!

He could have been too busy posting the video to social media to share with his friends to reply straight away

Sorry, newmod, didn't see your post

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Shaking with shock Doug?

My thought is that no one sends me sexy videos.

Was this the same friend who sent you a photo of his bare chesr - fair exchange?

OG - publish a phone number on here and you will get plenty of videos sent to you 🤣

Why thank you Red! Just put them on a vid hosting site and post the link for me 😉

Is this today's nonsense thread? We certainly need one. 🙄

If the message you sent was read by him, and no reply came from him, why did you then message him again? 

If someone can't be bothered to reply to a message, that is the end of the conversation.  You only demean yourself by pursuing it. 

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Why Didn't He Reply But Read Message Quick?

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