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Doen Mean It When They Say They Never Get Jealous?

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honeybun35 | 18:54 Sat 27th Jan 2024 | Family & Relationships
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Was watching a YouTube video of this guy interview. He said he doesn't care if any of the woman he deal with ho to someone else. He said he has tooany wam and will never be lonely. This man is in his 50's and never been married and have kids all over the place. 



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Sorry, your OP seems rather ... mangled!

PS Yes, some people never get jealous.

What does 'ho to someone else' mean?  

I agree some people never get jealous, some other people are extremely jealous to point of possessiveness and controlling behaviour.

We are all different.  

Barry, I think that's American terminology, rather a derogatory/sexist word.  I didn't understand the 'tooany wam' part!

Can you clarify the "he has tooany wam " bit as well.

Is this 50 year old man the RnB singer with the chest-sucking fetish?

Thanks, crossword.  


...too many women...


are my assumptions.


Is this about polygamy ?

Polygamy is married to more than one at a time.

Maybe polyamory? 

Or, he just sleeps with anyone and everyone...and doesn't care if children are the result

Can someone please translate  :)

Have you found yourself a man yet?

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Doen Mean It When They Say They Never Get Jealous?

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