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What Do You Think I Should Do About This Gas Leak I Heard My Supervisor Talking About?

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Cindy1302 | 13:24 Wed 07th Feb 2024 | Family & Relationships
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Almost a year ago I started cleaning a new site for a commercial cleaning company. The people who trained me came from a town two hours away. I heard them talking to eacthother and one of them mentioned that there is a gas leak at one of the buildings she cleans, and the owners aren't doing anything about it. I forgot the girls name, but I know the guys name she was talking to. I have his number, but he quit a while ago. I could ask him for the girls number, and then ask her about it, and ask her the adress of the building, but im not sure what to do after that. I live in the US btw. 



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A year ago? Nothing. Why are you always looking for something to complain about?


If the building is still standing don't worry

lol calmck she doesnt even know where the building is

It wasn't until I joined this site that I found out how many very peculiar people there are in this world. Seriously, what is the obsession with all the worries about what others are doing in the cleaning industry?

You should come and work for my company in the H&S dept, you're very good at wanting to pick up on the most trivial stuff - like they do to justify their roles.

Why have you waited a year. What if the gas leak in said building caused an explosion that injured, or even killed, people. And all because you didn't immediately come on here and ask our advice!

It could be that they all had a curry the night before, and just joking around?

class action lawsuit in the making against the OP as she knew there was a building somewhere in the US with a gas leak and didn't do anything about it!


Talk to the supervisor 

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What Do You Think I Should Do About This Gas Leak I Heard My Supervisor Talking About?

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