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Should I Tell This Guy No Point Speaking If We Not Going To Meet Up?

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abbeylee90 | 06:18 Sun 12th May 2024 | Family & Relationships
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The guy I mentioned I like and met on pof should I tell him no point speaking if we not going to meet up as I'm going to be speaking to others anyway.



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No. You're not speaking, so why bother?


Yet again?

Perhaps there'll be a new one soon...

Question Author

He messaged to say he was drunk and sent me a pic of him in morrisons on WhatsApp 

No: go to church instead

Does he not want to meet up again?

I'm clearly missing something here. Can someone fill me in please.

Question Author

Haven't seen for over a month 


don't get involved with a drunk

Contact stopped diamonds after she didn't take up the suggestion after two hours of sleeping at his overnight soon

find a teetotaller who shops at Waitrose!

Nice, my name was changed to 'diamonds' in predictive text. I likes.

Ok, so I know which guy you mean now, thanks.

Sorry dizmo...autocorrect kept changing uou to diamonds

He's not worth bothering with. Tell him you've moved on

No need to apologise mate, I like it :)

Abbey: I think I agree with everyone else; stay away from him. If he was interested in getting to know you, he'd be texting/calling you and getting to know you (or asking to meet for a date, not a sleep over at his house). He wouldn't be sending you pictures of him drunk at Morrison's. Take that advice as you will.

He's not interested. Let it go.

Question Author

I can't understand why he even messages me at all then

Because he's just being stupid. Ignore

I hope you don't respond to him with laughing emojis or he will send more stupid nonsense. 

Abbey: If he was drunk, at the time of messaging you, it could be that he just picked someone to message that he doesn't care too much about bothering.

When I was a drunk I used to randomly message people and send them weird photos.

Probably best to not try and work out why he messaged you. If alcohol is involved, you may never find out.

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Should I Tell This Guy No Point Speaking If We Not Going To Meet Up?

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