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Why Is He Still Messaging Me?

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abbeylee90 | 21:28 Tue 21st May 2024 | Family & Relationships
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The bearded I been on about that I went on 2 dates with I blocked on WhatsApp as not interested but last night he txt after weeks of sending me his last WhatsApp message. I just thought he would move on by now.



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I don't know why he is messaging you Abbey - but that is his problem, not yours for once.  Ignore him and block him if you can.  Much the easiest way for everyone, including us.  He and you will know where he stands. Delete his texts.... very important!  Do Not Reply!  Hope this helps you get peace of mind.  :)

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I haven't replied and won't hopefully he don't message no more. Thanks 😊

The bearded what?  Dragon?  You haven't take our advice and blocked him though, just ignored him. Why ask us what to do and then not do it? 

Question Author

I did on WhatsApp but he txt me then

So have you now blocked his number altogether  so you won't get his texts? 

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Not sure you can block texts 

If you block his number he can't call you or text you

I feel an escalation coming on and you've only yourselves to blame.

Thanks for putting it back on Latest Posts, douglas.

Right back atchya.

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Well guy I did like haven't heard from him since last Friday so guess he done like I said and think it best we don't talk no more 

Doesn't your opening post say that he texted you on Monday?

Abbey's talking now about the second guy ( the one after bearded guy)...I think

This is better than EastEnders 

Question Author

New 2nd one

Oh, OK. Well, I suppose it's good that you're now not hearing from guys you don't want to hear from... such progress!


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Hope one I'm talking to now works out

Tell us more, Abbey....

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Why Is He Still Messaging Me?

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