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car seats..

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xPinkAngelx | 23:31 Wed 07th Oct 2009 | Family & Relationships
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is it not possible to get forward facing car seats for a newborn? the only forward facing car seats i can find are for 9kg babies plus....

i wont be able to have thebaby in the front of car due to airbag but would like a forward facing car seat for the back so i can check on the baby easier when im driving on my own..

thanks x


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In a lot of other countries a baby does not go forward facing until 2 years. Even at 9 months they dont have the strength in their necks to prevent their heads falling forward on impact.

If you want i could find you the links to tests showing how badly a child could be injured if in a collision in a forward facing seat.

A newborn would not stand a chance :(

get a rear facing seat and a child view mirror!
You can always get the passenger side airbag disabled so that you can have the baby in the front with you (in a rear facing seat).
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thanks redcrx, i had no idea thats why you cant get forward facing car seats for the 1st 9months. rear facing car seat it is then. no need for the links-i wouldnt lke to see that!

i may look into getting the passenger airbag disabeled, would be so much easier having baby in the front, thanks daffy.
there are some seats out there that cover from birth rear facing and then turn to forward once baby large enough (its not just age, but weight and height to consider). Using those means that the seat stays fixed in the car, rather than a carry seat. It may be cheaper than buying two seats in long run.

This is a brilliant place to look for ideas and info on car seats (and prams). Some of the ladies there may even have the latest WHICH and safety reports
I have a mirror that fits on the back headrest and I can see my daughter through the rearview mirror at a glance. It was only £10 from Toys R us.
Your child is so much safer in the back, I understand your anxiety in wanting to keep an eye on them, but think also about how YOU will also be distracted from driving if your baby is next to you. He/she will be FINE, get that little mirror if you are really worried, but in the back, in reverse positon is absolutely the right way to go. Good luck!

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car seats..

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